Confined Space Safety Training Pack Confined Space Safety Training Pack

By: Safetycare  09-12-2011

SESSION 2.    Preparing Confined Spaces for Entry
This session informs the participants of what they need to know in order to prepare a confined space for the safe entry of personnel. It includes things like: isolating the confined space, releasing any stored hazardous energies, tagout, lockout, verifying there are no uncontrolled hazardous energies, performing purging, ventilation and atmospheric testing functions, etc.
SESSION 3.    Requirements for Working Safely in Confined Spaces
This session looks in detail at the safety precautions that need to be observed and the emergency controls that should be in place prior to anyone entering a confined space and while anyone is working in the confined space. It also covers the confined space exit requirements and all the steps that need to be followed to ensure the confined space is left in a safe condition ready to return to service.
SESSION 4.    The Course Review and Written Questionnaire
This session starts with a review of all the key learning points which have been covered during the course This session then concludes with a written questionnaire which tests the knowledge of the participants in relation to the subject of confined space entry in their workplace.
SESSION 5.    A Practical Confined Space Entry Exercise
The final session in this course is a practical confined space entry exercise. This exercise is designed to ensure that the participants are able to apply the knowledge they have learnt during the training course.

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