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By: Questica  09-12-2011
Keywords: budgeting software, Budget Preparation, Budget Management

Our TeamBudget Suite, an operating and capital budgeting software solution, makes budget preparation and budget management more efficient – all while integrating with your current financial system.

TeamBudget is accessible from any computer running Internet Explorer, which means that it is modern, state-of-the-art and secure. Because it’s web-based, there is less training required for users. In fact, with its familiar, but more powerful, spreadsheet-like grid, users can begin work in TeamBudget almost immediately. The web-based application allows individual departments to access and track budgets in real-time – offering transparency and accountability.

With TeamBudget, budget book preparation is straightforward and fast. The Suite’s more than 70 out-of-the-box automated reports can be customized and, in the event of requested changes, can be re-run quickly, easily and without reliance on the IT department.

TeamBudget Operating

TeamBudget Operating is a forecasting and operating budgeting solution designed to streamline and shorten the operating budgeting cycle for public sector organizations. The industry-leading operating budgeting software, built with the latest technology, offers better visibility and control over your operating budget and, perhaps most importantly, allows you to track and report on the largest part of any budget – your people – without jeopardizing the accuracy of the overall budget and, perhaps most importantly, without additional paperwork.

The Salary and Position Planningmodule allows you to budget for positions, automatically calculate wages, benefits and associated labor costs, as well as model complex union and salary contracts, allocate more than one employee to a position, allocate a position across many cost centers and forecast labour and benefit costs automatically for multiple years. In short, it’s a better way to budget.

With unlimited versioning and What-if scenarios, as well as multi-year budgeting, looking towards the future just got a lot easier. Making plans for growth is simple when you can see, and understand, the impact of a specific change on the entire budget – even years down the line.

With automatic notifications, you’ll be aware of any changes to your budget – regardless of where the change originated. TeamBudget Operating allows the right people to access and approve the budgets at the right time, so changes are easy to make – and tracking them is even easier.

TeamBudget Capital

TeamBudget Capital is a web-based Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) forecasting and capital budgeting solution designed for municipalities and organizations of all sizes. Questica’s industry-leading capital budgeting software makes the traditional manual, error-prone, time-consuming, labour intensive process a thing of the past.

With the ability to create multiple “What If” scenarios, you can understand the impact of a specific change on the budget as a whole – and compare it to other scenarios. With the ability to budget and forecast many years ahead with TeamBudget Capital’s multi-year budgeting capabilities, it’s much easier to make plans for the future.

With TeamBudget Capital, each department can be given access to their own budget and can then make the necessary changes, updates or revisions on their own. With one central database housing the budgets from various departments, changes are easy to make and the impact can be seen immediately. With automatic notifications, you’ll know what’s happening with your budget – and be able to plan according to any changes.

Keywords: Budget Management, Budget Preparation, budgeting software, Capital Budgeting Software

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