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By: Omni Foot  09-12-2011
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Keep you in YOUR style

At Omni Foot Clinic we do not want to force you into wearing shoes that you are not comfortable with. We understand that many people feel that orthopaedic shoes are not stylish, unlike most other clinics, we will not try to convince you that they can be. We love to work with our patients so that they can continue wearing some of their favourite shoes while we manage their conditions. We are very creative and have retrofit and modified many different types of footwear to help manage our patients conditions. We often have women who wear stylish and expensive boots to work but have severe foot pain. Often times we are able to fit these boots with custom made orthotics to help manage the foot conditions.

We have a large selection of Orthopaedic footwear including, athletic, casual, dress & winter. However, if you do not like anything we have we will work with you to find what you do like and do everything in our power to turn your favourite shoes into your most therapeutic shoes. Style and Comfort, yes we can make it happen!

At Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center we love to work with all athletes to help you reach your personal goals. If you are an amateur, professional or, recreational athlete we believe that we can help you. With our state-or-the-art technology we have helped many people recover from injuries of the lower limb.

We have aided in training regiments to provide our athletes a competitive edge. Regardless of the sport, your feet play a critical role in training and competing. Allow us to help you get the most out of your feet.

We take athletics extremely seriously and would love to work with you and be a part of your success. We also have a special spot for the local aspiring athletes in our community and would love to feature you in our Athlete of the Month section.

Our feet are subject to substantial wear and tear throughout our day to day life. As we age this damage becomes more prevalent and needs attention. Foot problems are particularly widespread in the elderly population for many reasons such as; decreased fat pad, diminished circulation, decreased joint function to name a few. As a senior, sometimes it seems like the feet keep getting further and further away making routine maintenance extremely difficult. All of this makes regular foot care appointments extremely important for seniors.

Keep your feet active!

Like any part of the body, feet need exercise to stay healthy. Every time people walk they exercise their feet. So try to stay active! However, here are some extra ways to keep your feet active:

  • Sit in a chair and try pick up marbles or other small rounded objects with your toes. Repeat this 10-12 times with each foot.
  • Stabilize yourself on a wall or the back of a chair, and then rise to your tiptoes, hold for a second and rock back to your heels. Repeat this 20-25 times.
  • While sitting in a chair or lying in bed, draw out the letters of the alphabet in the air with your toes. Do this a couple of times with each foot.

Seniors Day takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. As a special service for the senior’s in the community we are providing top quality routine foot care for only $30. Yes it’s true! You get the same quality of advanced care that has set us apart from other foot clinics; the only difference is you pay the special senior’s rate. We understand that as you age it becomes more difficult to care for your own feet all by yourself. Allow us to help you.

 Services Available:

As a senior you have the option to choose any of the following services on your special day:

  • Routine nail care & Upkeep
  • Help with difficult or hard to cut toe nails
  • Corn removal
  • Callous removal
  • Warm soothing foot bath
  • Foot massage

 Some tips to keep your feet feeling young:
  • Check your feet daily – look for any cuts, bruises, sores, blisters or any other abnormalities.
  • Ask for Help - If it is hard to see or reach your feet ask for help from a family member or try using a small mirror if it is hard to see the bottom of your feet.
  • Wash your feet daily – The most common mistake when washing your feet is soaking them too long (more than 10 minutes). Be sure to dry your feet especially between the toes.
  • Smooth Feet = Healthy Feet – Address any cracks or dryness with cream but try to avoid creaming between your toes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – If your shoes do not fit properly you are damaging your feet every time you wear them. Your shoes need to provide you with the proper support and protection.
  • Wear comfortable socks – Ensure that you are wearing a clean pair every day and avoid socks with tight elastics at the top as they may affect your circulation.
  • Pay attention to your Toenails – Try to cut and maintain your nails on a regular basis. If you cannot do this the, our special senior’s day offers a great opportunity for routine nail care!

 Common Mistakes That May Damage Your Feet:
  • DO NOT walk barefoot – Not only do you reduce the cushioning on your feet but you are leaving yourself exposed for injury.
  • DO NOT put cream between your toes – The cream will linger and can result in maceration and infection.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove corns or calluses on your own – There are a lot of complications that can result, such as serious infection. Corns or callouses should be removed by a professional. Our senior’s day provides the perfect opportunity for professional routine care!
  • DO NOT cross your legs for an extended time– This can cause unnecessary stress on the muscles and ligaments as well as negatively impact your circulation.
  • DO NOT use curved clippers to cut nails – Ideally your nails should be cut straight to avoid ingrown toenail and infection.

At Omni Foot Clinic we understand that there are various circumstances (disability, schedule, distance) that often occur that result in patients being unable to physically come to our site. So let us come to you! We get calls and e-mails from patients who have heard of our exceptional care from all over Southern Ontario. We have traveled to Ajax, Whitby, Markham, Etobicoke, Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, and London. Phone Omni Foot Clinic Today.. for availability and locations. 905.333.8555

As our reputation grows we find more and more people from out of town want to experience our unique and advanced foot care. To help address this situation we have developed a fully equipped mobile unit. This allows us to perform basically all of the treatments and procedures that we do in our clinic at the home of the patient. We have found that this is particularly advantageous to the elderly population (especially during the snowy and icy winter months). We also find that the busy professionals who work late and irregular hours and are looking for convenience often ask for our mobile unit.

One of our patient’s, a young mother of two with one more on the way, called our clinic suffering from severe plantar fasciitis. She said that since having children her days have become a whirlwind of activity and it would be next to impossible for her to make arrangements to visit our clinic. No problem! We went to her with our mobile unit at 9:00pm, when the children were sleeping, and were able to effectively manage her condition.

It is important to note that children, even toddlers, often require a foot assessment. As children develop their body’s are constantly growing and changing. Often times this has an impact on their lower limbs and can affect how they walk, run and play.

If you do have young children it is a good idea to observe them closely while they walk and play. If you notice that your child is often falling or is hesitant to run and keep up with other children of the same age during play it could be due to problems with their feet. Toddlers cannot communicate specific pain or discomfort to their parents directly but picking up on there subtle clues can be key to identifying potential problems early.

At Omni Foot clinic we are trained in pediatric assessment and treatment, if you have concerns regarding your child’s foot health give us a call to arrange an assessment.

Clearly, there are many changes that are brought about when women become pregnant. Most people do not consider the impact that pregnancy may have on their feet. Pregnancy is hard enough as it is, can you imagine going through it without being able to walk?

Most problems can be largely attributed to the significant and sudden weight gain that occurs during pregnancy. This increases the stress on the feet and alters their biomechanical function. This results in changes in the way that you stand and walk.

The weight gain is inevitable, so it is important to be prepared to accommodate it as much as possible. Adequate preparation will often prevent serious foot related conditions during pregnancy. With all that is going on during this special time the last thing you would want to have is debilitating foot pain.

We suggest you visit us throughout the term of your pregnancy so we can ensure that your feet are as healthy and comfortable as possible.

 Some of the most common complaint & conditions our patients experience are:
  • Sore & Painful Feet
  • Shoes that no Longer Fit
  • Arch Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Swelling
  • Joint Pain
  • Vericose Veins

There are two major problems; over-pronation and swelling. Over-pronation is a biomechanical condition that will often lead to debilitation pain and may cause; plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, altered biomechanics, etc. Increased swelling can lead to more than just tight shoes, it can cause; varicose veins, circulation problems, nerve impingement, overall pain, etc. These two problems, over-pronation & swelling, will generally lead to a myriad of foot related pathologies.

 Tips for Dealing with Over-Pronation During Pregnancy:
  • Use Shoes That:
    • Have motion control features
    • Extra width and depth
    • A good shock absorbing sole
    • Provide arch support & reinforcement
    • Have laces so the fit can be adjusted
    • Are comfortable
    • Fit – you will need to increase shoe size throughout your pregnancy
  • Increase the Amount Support by:
    • Custom foot orthotics
    • Arch supports added to a cushioned insole
    • Temporary regent insole with support
    • OTC pre-fabricated orthotic
    • Use medial rear foot posting

 Tips for Dealing with Edema (Swelling) During Pregnancy:
  • Elevate your feet as often as possible
  • Wear proper fitting footwear (tight shoes will constrict circulation)
  • Your feet WILL change size during the course of your pregnancy; have them measured and adjust your footwear size appropriately.
  • Wear seamless socks that do not constrict circulation.
  • If you are sitting in one place for a long period of time; walk around often to stretch your legs to promote circulation
  • Walk/exercise regularly to promote circulation
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. (This will prevent the body from retaining excess fluid)
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and avoid foods high in salt that can cause water retention

Please contact our office to book an appointment for an assessment and a customized management plan to ensure your feet are healthy and comfortable during your pregnancy!

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Foot Care, Foot Clinic, Footwear, Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthotic Center

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