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By: Newport Group  09-12-2011

True strategic thinking is a discipline. Effective strategic  planning is the embodiment of that discipline.

A renewed look at strategy puts a new foundation under the company. It is, in essence, a lifting of the house to put in a new foundation.

A strategy is the blueprint to your end goal. The outcome of an effective strategy is better management through better absorption of short term tactical errors and clarity of purpose from the top on down. The ultimate goal remains fixed and unyielding.

An effective strategy is based on a common viewpoint embraced by the entire senior management team. Through agreement and understanding, a teachable point of view is developed and then can spread to the total organization. The ultimate goal is to have everyone embrace the strategy and engaged in its implementation.

At Newport we believe that the strategic process is best centered around the following model:

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When good employees are retained, productivity and innovation increase as you climb the ladder together rather than putting productivity on hold as you step down a rung or two to get new employees up to speed. By retaining your best and brightest, you will reduce expenses while you make faster progress toward increased market share and organizational effectiveness.


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Personal skills and capacities such as personal accountabilities, concrete organizational skills, intuitive decision making, conceptual thinking, self confidence which impacts their person. We then guide management through the process of identifying the deliverables of the job - paring a job description down to the key accountabilities.


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Growth corporations are entering an era where a supply and demand problem will exist with an imbalance between available jobs and workers to fill them. This situation will affect the ability of organizations in executing their strategic objectives, limiting growth rates, gross margins and EBITA. New entrants to the workforce in Canada will grow at a much slower rate than job creation.