By: Mym Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wastewater Treatment, Polymers, odor control

Company services provided include:

  • Conduct independent field testing for flocculants and coagulants for various applications including settling, filtration, and dewatering for industrial and municipal applications
  • Function as an independent neutral technical consultant for specialty chemicals plant trials within industries and municipalities
  • Technical consultant on various polymers for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment
  • Technical training on various polymers
  • Consultant in specialized engineered equipment for municipal and industrial applications.
  • Product development consulting for various applications involving specialty chemicals
  • Serve as a technical and marketing resource for new and unique products utilized in niche market applications within the environmental water and wastewater treatment field
  • Odor control technology for industrial and municipal applications
  • Conduct in depth market research on the key factors that greatly effect both commodity and specialty chemical costs for the municipal market.
  • Joint collaboration with major consulting engineering firms on various projects within the municipal and industrial sector.

Testing Service

MYM Consulting water & wastewater testing services are available to a variety of clients in order to determine which polymer is best suited for their various treatment needs. These services are considered extremely valuable for engineers, plant supervisors, and operators which enable them to determine yearly consumption rates and the best product at the most economical price. There are two options for this service:

  • On site testing visit: contact our technical team to schedule a facility visit for jar testing
  • Send samples in for testing (see below)

You will be instructed to send three 2 Liter sample of water or wastewater to our office packed in a sealed container. Please send these samples next day air only. This allows us to achieve accurate results in our testing. Testing fees are $115.00/ hr. with a two-hour minimum. Test results will be sent in report form and include the following:

  • Product of choice
  • Estimated optimum dosages
  • If plant flow or treatment capacity is available, a proposal for estimated annual polymer usage

Please contact our office to schedule your technical service visit or request a testing service to be done.

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