How to prevent time clock fraud in the workplace?

How to prevent time clock fraud in the workplace? from Mitrefinch Ltd (Canada)

By: Mitrefinch Ltd (Canada)  01-04-2011
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Jane (on the phone): Mark! I’m stuck in a massive traffic jam again! Please clock me in!

Mark: No worries Jane. I’ll do it for you now!

20 minutes later (in the office)…

Jane: Thanks Mark! I can’t afford to be late!

Mark: Not a problem Jane. Anytime!

Do you think that your business may have a problem with ‘buddy punching’?

Learn how to prevent it!

Clocking in for other colleagues or ‘buddy punching’ adds thousands of unearned pounds to your payroll costs each year!

It’s a common problem in companies where employees use swipe cards, tags or proximity cards to clock in.

While your staff may have found a way to cheat your current time management system, switching to a can eliminate buddy punching and time theft within your organisation once and for all.

(also known as Fingerprint Readers) guarantee that your employees must be present to clock in/out of work. With the touch of a finger, they can quickly log and verify their attendance, instantly improving the accuracy of your attendance records.

By eliminating ‘buddy punching’, you will notice a significant reduction in payroll and overhead costs and a subsequent increase in employee productivity. In addition, can bring extra security to your business by ensuring that imposters cannot force their way onsite.

Biometric clocking could also help you teach a lesson to employees who are constantly late!

You can set up a rule in the saying that if a person arrives late to work by 7 minutes, the system will round that figure up and 15 minutes pay will be reduced from their final salary.

Are you already starting to imagine how much money this option could save you?

If yes, then don’t hesitate any longer and give us a call on toll free (866) 610-7603 or visit our website

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