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By: Mcroberts Group  09-12-2011

From inception to execution, McRoberts Group, LLC addresses the multitude of considerations and variables involved in actualizing a great sporting event. We offer a range of services to effectively streamline this process without sacrificing excellence.

Sports Management

McRoberts Group, LLC offers unparalleled services in sports management. We supply valuable insight and provide procedural structure, from planning to completion; under our directive, your major sporting competitions are planned efficiently and coalesce fluidly. We cover every detail, including venue management, operations, staffing/training, athlete services, and medical coordination, to ensure your event space is maximized and fully equipped.

Sports Tourism

As more major and grassroots sport events are recognized as both economic drivers and a powerful place for communities to build their brand, it is paramount that local and national governments ensure their sport tourism infrastructure is expertly coordinated. Utilizing the expertise and resources our consultants have acquired over the years, McRoberts Group, LLC can craft a fully integrated sport tourism strategy that leverages the vast resources of your community.

Facility and Infrastructure Assessment

Our consultants build your project from the ground up; extensive research into local facilities, buttressed by an existing familiarity with Bay Area venues, ensures that each and every event be realized to its fullest potential. We turn infrastructural limitations into unique opportunities, and address bureaucratic considerations such as permitting to facilitate smooth execution of client vision.

Government and Corporate Liaison

Turning a sporting event from pure concept to concrete plan hinges on winning early support where it matters most. Our team draws on extensive experience working with Federal, State, and Municipal government to secure support with efficiency and ease, ensuring your vision doesn't get lost in a sea of red tape.

Corporate Sponsorship and Outreach

No matter what the scope or function of your project, corporate sponsorship and outreach can prove invaluable potential resources. At McRoberts Group, LLC, we simplify these early steps towards a collaborative end, ensuring you not only secure sponsorship, but lay the foundation for an enduring, mutually beneficial business relationship.

Marketing Consultation

In abbreviated terms, McRoberts Group, LLC will help you get the word out. We work with you, from idea to execution, to develop a comprehensive strategy specific to your objectives. Our team possesses the resources and know-how needed to design your approach from start to finish; graphics, web design, and newsletters, along with publicity management and marketing collateral development, are all expertly developed and custom-fit to suit project goals.

Event Staffing

Project size, purpose, and agenda all dictate the scope of necessary resources; we identify specific staffing needs, tailoring our volunteer recruitment efforts to fit client objectives.