MarsKeel Technology Keel Stability Bulbs

By: Marskeel  09-12-2011

Performance Improvements

MarsKeel Torpedo Bulbs™ are available in various weights and are custom designed to meet specific geographic sailing conditions and individual craft characteristics.

Performance-oriented sailors will benefit from the addition of MarsKeel Torpedos™, which add stability, reduce drift and heeling angle, providing increased forward speed.

For the serious cruiser, MarsKeel Torpedos™ provide draft reduction at a fraction of the cost of a complete Keel retrofit, while maintaining the craft's stability, righting moment and overall performance.

to read more about how MarsKeel™ can  reduce your draft.

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MarsKeel Technology Keel Straightening

There are limits however to the amount of damage that the lead will allow you to remove, that limit is rarely if ever reached in “normal” keel impacts. Once the keel is bent back into shape the entire keel is re-faired (by straight edges) using epoxy or polyester based fillers. Our shop has the ability and equipment to hold and twist a keel back to within a fraction of an inch of its original shape.


MarsKeel Technology Keel Bolt Replacement

Our technology allows us to remove damaged keel bolts from keels and install new bolts with no loss in the surface shape, strength or position relative to any untouched bolt. Lead is melted back on top of the new bolt, fusing the original lead and the new lead, making the repair as strong as the original keel. If your keel bolts have deteriorated to the point where they are unsafe, or have failed entirely, we can replace them.


MarsKeel Technology Keel Draft Reductions

If desired, the Bulbs are made to travel aft of the trailing edge, increasing the Keel's lateral resistance, and thus reducing vortex drag.MarsKeel Torpedo Bulbs™ come fully bored and countersunk with the necessary high-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel threaded rods, hex nuts, and flat washer hardware for easy attachment to the Keel.


MarsKeel Keel Design and Engineering Services

Clients across a range of industries rely on Burke Design for their expertise in structural and composite engineering, manufacturing, and project management for new construction, modifications and repairs. Our commitment to technological advancements, along with constant testing and innovation, has earned us a worldwide reputation throughout the industry that is second to none.