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By: Llewellyn Ceramics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bridges, Crowns, Veneers

Product List

Zenotec Zirconia Supported All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges: milled for precision and strength then multi-layered with ceramics for esthetics.

Veneers, Onlays and Inlays: feldspathic veneers made on a refractory die, then overlayed with LFC material, still the most esthetic veneers available, with the benefit of conservative prep.

All Ceramic Crowns: same procedure as the veneers but with full coverage.

Milled Temporaries: has the strength needed for long term temporization

Zenotec Zirconia Implant Crowns and Bridges; supported by all major types of implants

Custom Zirconia Abutments: hybrid designed with a titanium interface and a zirconia abutment.

Zenostar: a monolithic zirconia crown (100% zirconia - no ceramic buildup) for the posterior teeth for patients with malocclusion, bruxism,etc. ( an alternative to the full metal crown)

Keywords: Bridges, Crowns, Veneers, Zirconia, Zirconia Abutments