Motivational products - Books - DVD

By: Jim Jordan  09-12-2011
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Motivational products - Books - DVD


We have a wide range of products for: corporations, teachers, parents and coaches.
Books, DVD's, Audio CD's, Magic Kits, Fun Gags and much more.
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Professioanl Speaking

Products - Parents - Coaches - Students

Step by Step Anti Bullying Program
Our proactive bullying program comes with everything above as well as a mentoring program, character education exercises, reporting boxes (2), leadership team ideas and kick off ideas. We offer FREE assemblies with each step by step program that is purchased. (students - teachers - parents)
Call for more info 1866 333 4553

Reporting System

Peer pressure is one big reason students do not speak up. So allow your Students to report bullying and cyber bullying directly to their councilor or principal from the comfort of their own home.
$49.99 per year

Class Bullying Program

This downloadable 10 min video and exercises works on educating students on the role of the bully, victim and bystander. This anti bullying program is great for middle and high school students.

Tracking System
This system will allow teachers to go online to fill out a report on bullying or inappropriate behavior.
When the form is complete the system will add each incident into each student’s folder. You will also receive follow up alerts on bully, victim, bystander and bad behavior.
Now the principal or teacher can see the behavior of any student when it comes to bullying, bad behavior and good character.
$299 per year. 
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Anti Bullying Surveys

We offer buy one and get one FREE online anti bullying surveys. We have student, teacher, parent, cyber safety and character surveys. We send you the link and you set it up on your schools computers. When survey is completed we'll send you all the results that you can download. Safe and secure.

Buy one for $39.99 and receive the second one FREE. 

Report Bullying Boxes Price includes 3 ballot boxes Plus 20 "Speak up" Stickers And Report Bullying Forms
Report bullying ballot boxes will allow your students another avenue to report bullying in your school
made of heavy duty cardboard. $29.99 - plus shipping

Plug the Tub - Book ($15.00) plus shipping

It becomes very simple to understand motivation when you read this book.
From Supervisors to Parents to Coaches need to read this book
it's the #1 secret to motivation???
You can't motivate if your demoralizing them.

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Keywords: Books, bullying, coaches, high school, teachers