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By: Infinity Structures  09-12-2011

Infinity's concept of this revolutionary building material will pay for itself time and time again; proving to be a lucrative investement both environmentally and financially!

  • Houses built with ICF exterior walls require an estimated 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable frame house; the bigger the house the bigger the savings.
  • Insulations values for ICF walls using polystyrene foam are R-17 to R-26 compared to wood frame’s R-9 to R-15 (R-value; material’s resistance to heat transfer). So ICF walls are expected to cut the conduction losses by about half. ICF walls are tighter as well. ICF houses have half of infiltration (air leakage) of frame house.
  • Concrete in ICF walls gives them the heat-absorbing property, “thermal mass”, which smoothes out large swings in temperature. It keeps the walls of the house a little warmer when outdoor temperature hits its coldest extreme. Similarly it keeps the house a little cooler when the outdoor temperature is hottest. The walls themselves “add back” heat or cooling to the house when it needs them most.
  • Since the energy needed is less, equipment to heat or cool can be smaller, resulting in another costs reduction.

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InfinityICF - Description - Infinity Structures Inc

Better than a solid poured concrete wall our Post and Beam Grid-wall is made up of six inch diameter cores of concrete that sit bother vertically as posts on 9.6 inch centers and horizontally as beams on 12 inch centers. Once the blocks are stacked and the reinforcement bar placed, concrete is poured into the wall, which once hard, provides a steel reinforced concrete, post and beam grid-wall that remains encapsulated in EPS.


InfinityICF - Construction - Infinity Structures Inc

Starting at the corners of the structure and working towards the center, mark on the center lines the locations of each vertical rebar to be placed, these locations represent the center of the vertical cores to be reinforced. Window and door bucks are anchored by imbedding 1/2 inch x 8 inch J anchor bolts in a countersunk manner through the buck and tied to the corresponding horizontal rebar and into the horizontal cores.


InfinityICF - Products - Infinity Structures Inc

Once the blocks are snapped together and fitted with steel rebar reinforcements, they produce the concrete forms into which the concrete is poured for all the exterior walls including the foundation and basement. Structural Integrity is a key to infinity structures building system.This polystyrene application is great not only because it provides the highest quality construction, but also because of its longevity.