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By: I Am Sodexo  09-12-2011

Sodexo is proud to offer Solutions magazine, published three times a year and distributed to all managers in North America.  The magazine is designed to showcase stories of the people of Sodexo doing extraordinary things to make every day a better day for our customers.

Managers are asked to display the current issue of Solutions at their units, and share it with their clients and customers.

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Cada año de servicio con nosotros es otro año en el que usted ha mejorado la calidad de la vida diaria de nuestros clientes y de las comunidades a las que servimos. Su estabilidad en Sodexo fortalece el conocimiento de la organización y nuestra capacidad para hacer de cada día un día mejor. Su aniversario de servicios con Sodexo es algo que hay que celebrar.


Benefits | Professional | Service Awards

Every year of service with us, is another year that you have improved the quality of daily life for our customers and in the communities we serve. Your tenure with Sodexo strengthens the knowledge of the organization and our ability to make everyday a better day.