Concrete and Masonry Water Repellent

By: Gary Bourke's Painting  09-12-2011

Water, one of the most damaging elements, is able to penetrate almost any commercial and industrial surface. Gary Bourke's Painting is pleased to announce our newest service in the application of SEALTIGHT (R) Acryseal Concrete and Masonry Water Repellent.

Water Repellents are used for weatherproofing and protection of virtually all types of above grade concrete and masonry, exposed aggregate and precast units.

SEALTIGHT (R) Acryseal Concrete and Masonry Water Repellent is a colourless, ready to apply concrete and masonry water repellent solution of methyl methacrylate co-polymers, a penetrating agent and a fast evaporating solvent.

It is an invisable breathing type of coating that inhibits soiling and freeze-thaw salling. Protext concrete from efflorescence caused by water migration and prevents leaching of alkkalis onto glass surfaces. Avoids darkenting and blotchin of surfaces that are exposed to wetting and it preserves insultation fact of masonry by prenting water penetration. The seal can be painted over and protects chemical attack by airborn contaminants.

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