By: Gardner Dental Group  15-07-2014
Keywords: Orthodontics

Our highly skilled dentists specialize in orthodontics and work hard to ensure that your smile is the best it can be. We are always ready to discuss your various teeth straightening options, and while you are wearing braces, our technicians are here to help ensure that things fit properly. Our team offers our patients with fixed and functional orthodontics that will remodel bone structure of your mouth and function as a non-surgical option for patients with complex needs. Traditional metal braces are attached to your teeth using a series of wires and are tightened on a regular basis forcing your teeth and jaw line to sit straighter.

Keywords: Orthodontics

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Patients visiting the dentist can be uncomfortable or fearful, which is why we provide intravenous conscious sedation, oral sedation and nitrous oxide, allowing you the option of light to deep sedation during your dental treatment. These are used when a tooth is heavily filled or was previously treated with a root canal treatment. Plaque and tartar is absolutely essential to the long-term look and health of teeth and gums.