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By: Escarpment Pet Retreat  09-12-2011

Choose from the following services.

  • Playtime - 20 minute session - $10.00
  • Petting Session - 20 minute session - $10.00
  • Daily Brushing - 20 minute session - $10.00
  • Salmon - $8.00
  • Tuna - $3.00
  • Sardines - $3.00

Kitty Catering Kit

Let us pamper your cat with one on one attention. This package includes salmon, playtime, petting and brushing sessions - $17.00 per guest per session

Holiday Meals

Freshly roasted turkey with the trimmings: creamy whipped potatoes, nibblet corn and carrots - $3.50 per serving.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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