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By: Ebf  09-12-2011

Industry Success Stories


A service company tra ding on the TSXV came to EBF with a problem. They had recently bought out one of their competitors that was in serious financial trouble.
They knew that in the long run, the purchase would make them a stronger company as they would be able to increase their customer base and decrease operating costs by combining their operations. What they didn’t count on was the bank calling their loan.

While the purchase made great sense to our client, from the bank’s perspective they were now out of margin and had to find another source of financing fast.

EBF provided an A/R financing facility to pay out the bank and the company was also able to raise additional funds through a new share offering. The EBF Group understands the challenges of operating a service based business. Attracting new clients and providing top notch customer service are critical for the success of your company.EBF's unique approach to A/R factoring may be the ideal tool to maximize the growth potential of your business. If increasing your cash flow could add to your bottom line, call the EBF Group today at (877)323-4769 and speak with one of our finance professional.