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By: Direct Access Digital  03-11-2014
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SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank well on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Getting the absolute most out of your online presence is a holistic endeavour. Every online mention has at least an indirect impact on the quality of your overall search engine scores. We are intimately familiar with industry leading SEO practices– and among the first to learn of new, emerging tactics – and are confident in guiding our clients to set priorities in maximizing all possible strategies. SEO is vital to your online existence. It correlates directly to the success of any Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click campaign. Properly optimized sites achieve lower-cost clicks than non-optimized sites, boost buying efficiency and provide higher overall performance. High quality site content also impacts buying efficiency due to the effect of relevancy, particularly on Google. We are direct response experts and have professional content writers on staff to help generate quality, unique content for your site. SEO Products & Services We will work closely with our clients to assess your specific needs to formulate a custom SEO package and create a plan that will help improve your search ranking. 1. Establishment of SEO benchmarks: A meeting will outline your SEO objectives and establish a benchmark toward your goals and objectives. 2. Keyword Analysis: Our highly knowledgeable team will perform an ongoing keyword analysis on your behalf. We evaluate keyword trends to ensure that the keywords used are relevant and allowing your webpage to reach the top spot through the highest ranking. 3. On Page Optimization: Our team will continually assesses your website and make adjustments to ensure SEO best practices are met. 4. Content Generation (if required): Our expert content writers will create custom, relevant, and engaging content that will build your web presence and authority. 5. Google+ Local: An increasingly important SEO factor is local search. We will manage your local listing, ensure the content is updated, correct, and utilize best practices with the goal to rank for relevant local searches. Click here to learn more about local search and how we can take your business local. 6. Reporting and Analysis: Here at Direct Access Digital we will provide you with a detailed analytics report citing key SEO metrics outlining key performance and trends. We use this reports as a basis for recommendations to improve your SEO strategy as your business moves forward.

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