Crossing Guard Warehouse Safety Sensor

Crossing Guard Warehouse Safety Sensor from Crossing Guard

By: Crossing Guard  11-02-2012
Keywords: Manufacturing, Warehouse, Safety Training

With Offices in Canada and the US, Crossing Guard is a unique Forklift collision awareness system that enhances safety in production facilities, plants and warehouses. Reducing injuries, insurance claims and saving lives. Crossing Guard monitors a definable detection area with adjustable sensors that detect the presence of two motions; even if a person is standing still the Crossing Guard sensors will detect that individual. Once two motions have been detected within the area, alarms will communicate (Audible & Visual) to all parties of a potential collision. Crossing Guard monitors high potential collision areas with a adjustable sensors. Sensors communicate to a micro-processor when a motion is detected; once a second motion is detected alarms are activated. Crossing Guard will not activate until the second motion is detected reducing nuisance alarms which improves effectiveness. Crossing Guard utilizes a different set of sensors to monitor work areas. A weight sensitive sesnor - Option - can be used in drop off and pick up areas, where infrared may be impractical. The combination of these sensors assures the work area is monitored.

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