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By: Control Devices  09-12-2011
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LGM 30 - Mark III

The LGM 30 - Mark III continues the tradition of the original Mark II. 25 years of experience were incorporated into the design and development of this continuous run control.

The Mark III combines all components required for a continuous run compressor application: the pilot valve, the vent valve, and the check valve. Since the Mark III is a "vent" unloader, built-in compressor head unloaders are not required.

The compact size and straight-through flow design of the Mark III make installation easy. Simply install the Mark III into the air receiver, and attach the compressor discharge line to the valve inlet. The Mark III is suitable for compressors of up to 30 SCFM delivery.

Cut-in and cut-out pressure settings are factory set to customer specifications. Minimum cut-out pressure is 250 PSI. If no setting is specified, the valve is set at our standard setting of 115 PSI cut-out and 95 PSI cut-in. The valve is also field adjustable.

Details of construction include a forged brass body, zinc-plated steel internal components, fluorocarbon piston ring, stainless steel springs, and a glass-filled fluropolymer check valve poppet.

Options include a 1/8" NPT tapped port for throttle control of a gas engine, a lockout clip for "dual control" applications, a special 1/8" NPT tapped port for pressure switch unloader valve, a vent port muffler, and a toggle unloading lever for one-hand warm up control. Vibra-Seal® pre-applied thread sealant is also available on external inlet pipe threads.

Keywords: Compressor, Forged Brass, Psi, Stainless Steel, Valve,

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Not preset at the factory, but easily field adjusted with knurled adjustment screw and locked with jam nut. PR25 uses stainless steel ball as poppet, while PR38 and PR75 poppets are nylon with nitrile seals. Model "PR" pressure relief valves are used in systems to maintain a desired pressure level. Three sizes are offered, 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, and 3/4" NPT.


Control Devices, Inc. Manufactures Quality Valves - pilot

Valve cut-in and cut-out pressures are factory set per customer specifications (if no specifications are given, valve is set at standard setting of 95-115 PSI). Details of construction include a precision-machined, forged brass body, brass adjustment screws, and stainless steel ball and spring. Valve includes a mounting boss, tapped with a 3/8 - 16 UNC thread, a 1/4" NPT inlet and a 1/8" NPT outlet. The P25 Pilot Valve is an industry standard.


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Non-code valves offer some economy over the ASME coded valves, but do not necessarily have the set pressure accuracy or certified flow capacity of their ASME brethren. These valves are used in applications ranging from garden-type pump sprayers to air brake compressor heads. Non-code valves may be used wherever the component being protected is not an ASME pressure vessel.


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One-piece brass bodies, stainless steel springs, and glass-filled fluoropolymer poppets all add up to long term reliability, while the eight discharge holes insure quiet operation. The Super-Chek® design has been proven over the last 15 years to be the standard for air compressor in-tank check valves.


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For those compressor applications where an in-tank valve will not fit, an "IC" valve can conveniently be installed right in the discharge line of the compressor. Brass bodies, glass-filled fluoropolymer poppets, and stainless steel springs insure long life. Our "IC" in-line check valves were created around our "B2" design. 450 PSI maximum pressure, 400°F maximum temperature. Bar Stock Poppet-Type Check Valves.


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Model "SP" ASME safety valves are designed for applications where a compact size is required and high flow capacities are not needed. Resilient flourocarbon rubber pad insures valve is bubble-tight to within 10% of set pressure. The "SP" will flow 42 SCFM at 125 PSI set pressure, so it will be adequate for this system. A 3 HP compressor may add 10 SCFM of air into the receiver at 125 PSI. 1/8" NPT and 1/4" NPT inlets available.