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By: Circles  09-12-2011
Keywords: concierge

Thrilled customers make lifelong advocates, not only turning to you for their needs but turning others on to your services, as well. Through Concierge, we orchestrate life’s little tasks and important moments to make our members’ lives easier. This is our expertise and it’s the foundational element from which our many other innovations flow.

Concierge is both personalized – creating solutions for individual requests – and scalable - a valuable resource available to any size customer base. It’s a shared benefit that each member can use in a way that meets his or her particular need. From quick adjustments to travel itineraries to long-term event planning, the value of our Concierges services makes your brand stand out from the crowd – like a trusted friend.

We fulfill over one million requests every year and each one offers a window into lifestyle trends and consumer demands. The varied nature of these experiences allows us to innovate on our other services: Events, Experiences and Customized Rewards.

Emotion is the anchor of customer engagement. We’re experts at this: forging meaningful emotional bonds between your customers and your company. We do it by providing indispensable service through personalized, one-on-one interactions - all at a level of quality found nowhere else in the industry. The emotional payoff? Trust. Contentment. Happiness. Engagement.

Keywords: concierge

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Circles Employee Solutions Improve Work/Life Balance, Increase Employee Engagement & Heighten Employee Productivity

This timesaving and convenience is a universal benefit, available and valuable for every employee regardless of age, employment level, or stage of life – it’s something they share in, together. Whichever option you choose, the convenience, expertise, and value of our service provides an immediate payoff – for your employees and for you.