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Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Finishes

Clearly, Z-2 PRO is our flagship product. The extraordinary gloss, shine, depth, clarity, and reflectivity make Z-2 PRO the highest rated and most respected product in the industry. Z-2 PRO is so easy and applies so thin that an 8 ounce bottle can yield up to 24 applications of product! Durability, looks, ease of use, and cost per application make Z-2 PRO the pure winner.

Our customers describe Z-2 Show Car Polish with one word. AWESOME! Latest synthetic technology gives Z-2 Show Car Polish the "wettest-looking," deepest, slickest, clearest, richest, distortion-free and longest-lasting finish protection in the industry. These products were originally created for some of the finest custom showcars in the world to enhance and protect their already flawless paintwork. Imagine what it will do for your paint! Z-2 Show Car Polish contains state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives to show the true color and clarity of your paint. It is 99.9% optically perfect. We also added Ultra-Gard* UV(40) our advanced technological sun screen for the ultimate protection against fading and shrinking. A special additive to keep the paint from losing its elasticity and resilience. This restores the gloss on rubber and plastic painted parts, which have a tendency to fade and lose gloss faster than the rest of the vehicle.

Z-2 bonds with the paint pigment and will get "wetter," "deeper and richer" with multiple coats, it will also help eliminate swirl marks. Z-2 is a hydrophobic-based formula and contains no abrasives, silicones, or yellowing carnauba wax. Z-2 is the easiest and quickest polish you will ever use, it will not streak, yellow, smear, film or leave a haze even on black, in any situation. Leaves no powder or white residue in cracks, is non-greasy, non-oily, anti-static, will not attract dust or dirt and can be applied to the entire vehicle in the sun or shade. Z-2 polish is a true paint protectant designed to replace traditional waxes. It will give your paint finish total environmental protection and is the only protectant you will ever need. It will offer more protection than any wax in the industry.. You will see!!! Nothing sticks to Zaino Show Car polish. It will outperform, out protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today. Guaranteed!

The first application of Z-2 Show Car Polish will produce a super high wet-looking, durable gloss. This is fine for the average vehicle. For the enthusiast, a second coat of Z-2 will simply amaze you in terms of wetness, slickness and optical clarity. You will really see the effect, Z-2 polish has on making ordinary paint finishes look Show Car quality. The third coat, well, simply put it's AWESOME! One eight ounce bottle of Z-2 Show Car Polish will yield approximately eight to ten coats on a mid-size car

*Registered trademark of Zaino Bros Incorporated

Keywords: car polish, Paint, Show Car Polish

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