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By: Canine Balance Training  29-03-2011
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Canine Balance Training is more then basic dog obedience training. It is focused on developing the animal at both ends of the leash towards a mutually fulfilling bond. You will gain an understanding of how to earn both your dog's trust and respect, the cornerstone of the Follower/Leader relationship. Every pack has a leader. Becoming the pack leader by using natural techniques which dogs instinctively use amongst each other, is the easiest way to train your dog. Canine Balance Training is all this and more.

Many dog trainers believe that ‘their way’ of training is the ‘only way’. I am not one of those trainers. No two dogs are the same so why should their training programs be? Canine Balance Training is about understanding your dog, his or her needs and how to fulfill them. This understanding will help you to communicate more effectively, strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

To learn more about how Canine Balance Training can help you build the kind of relationship you have always wanted for you and your dog, give me a call @
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Ron McJannet
Canine Balance Trainer

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