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Home Staging Consultation

Most homes that are "staged" show better, are repair and clutter free, & enable Buyers to picture themselves in the home.  The process does work & with more Realtors using Stagers- Buyers are becoming accustomed to seeing homes in a "Stages" manner.

In a April 2006 survey from AOL Money & Finance poll of over 15,000 people 87% of people said that home presentation makes the difference in most sales.

From a CSP™  June 2006 survey of 218 real estate professionals; 98% of real estate professionals surveyed believed it was necessary to hire a professional stager.

From a 2004 survey by Joy Valentine- Coldwell Banker Broker on 2772 homes in 8 cities:

  • homes that were staged sold in 13.8 days

  • The staged homes realized on average a 6.4% increase over the list price


Sell your home for what it's worth, by securing the equity with Staging!

Hire a CSP™ today! Your home is the single biggest investment you will probably ever make. Be sure you get the most return on that investment by Staging before you market. Without Staging you could be leaving money on the table. A Staged property eliminates any bargaining chips a buyer has when discussing price. Staging means more money in your pocket at the end of the day!

Sell your home fast! What are you waiting for? What could you be doing right now if your home was sold? Staging your property today means moving forward so much sooner with your plans. A CSP™ will provide you with detailed guidelines to getting your house sold fast. By Staging your home and showcasing it in its best possible condition you are ensuring your house does not sit longer than necessary on the market. 72% of a buyers first impression is formed as soon as they step inside your house - from the entry they glimpse several rooms -ensuring the right impact is critical.It's a FACT! Staged homes: •Sell faster
•Sell for more money
•Show better in photos and marketing promotions
•Attract more buyers, and more offers
•Eliminate buyers chipping away at the 'asking price'
The buyer feels secure knowing their best investment is a Staged property and provide you, the seller with the assurance you secured the best possible deal!


As a Realtor providing staging services for your clients, you will:•sell your listings faster
•ensure the highest possible return for your sellers investment
•not leave money on the table
•not reduce your commission
•decrease marketing budget on each staged listing
•earn a reputation of being a top sales Real Estate Professional
•receive respect of other agents - they know your listings look great
•receive referrals from satisfied clients
Three Major Elements Affect A Sale - Condition, Location and Price.
78% of a buyer's decision about a house is already made before they actually see it - based on location and size; working with your client to make sure they really impact the areas outside and inside the house which affect first impressions is crucial.A Certified Staging Professional™ can help! Condition:
Staging goes beyond the usual list of repairs, clutter, decor and packing personal items; these will be discussed by a CSP™ who has been trained to handle objections the homeowner may have to getting a home ready for sale. Stagers "kick it up a notch" - by broadening the appeal of the house to a wide array of potential buyers at the same time targeting to the most likely market using lifestyle selling techniques.A stager is a third party who will discuss any challenges to the condition of the home. The Real Estate agent does not have to risk losing a listing by pointing out all the work that needs to be done. They have delegated that job to the stager. Staging impacts the condition of a house; change the condition of the house you decrease the odds of showings without bids. Attracted buyers will be impressed by the way the house looksA staged house makes for beautiful photos. Beautiful Photos attract more buyers to showings; this means more offers and increasing the opportunity to sell the listing on the first round of marketing. Price:
By enhancing the features of a home and changing the condition, even slightly overpriced homes have a better chance for selling at asking price. You are offsetting the price by increasing the value through the buyers eyes. Staging is about securing the equity in the property. Staging is not about inflating the price of a house - a well priced house with staging reduces the risk of offers being less than what you want.A staged home sells faster and for more money. Real Estate agents receive maximum commission opportunity by not having to reduce the price and save money by not having to pay for a second and third wave in their marketing process. Location:
Stagers don't have magic wands! They can't relocate the house to a more desirable neighbourhood.. Stagers do create magic with the existing furniture it will give the competitive edge over the other homes in the area. It is easier to overlook the area, if the price and condition is excellent. Also:
Real Estate agents who offer staging services as an added value for the client gain a competitive edge over other agents in their area. Staged properties sell for more money in a hot market and faster in a slow one. When marketing to homeowners Real Estate agents can use staging stats, testimonials, and photos to illustrate they go above and beyond other agents, with great results! Working with a stager you have a third party to defer objections to and help convince the home seller of the value of the service. The stager provides a detailed consultation, and then completes the work to fully stage the house. A Real Estate agent will have more time to invest on other aspects of getting the house sold. Even as busy as you are the homeowners will feel well taken care of.The Bottom Line! A CSP™ will help solve a huge portion of the everyday challenges a Real Estate agent has while providing a value added service to stand out in the industry.

April 28, 2008 Eileen was especially helpful and patient. Obviously, the "staging" process worked! Stewart & Zelda Mae Hunter Burlington, ON

Servicing: Burlington, Niagara (Falls & Lake), Oakville, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ontario.

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