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By: Branttel  09-12-2011

It's about Voice

It's the phone, no it's the computer, no it's the phone.'s both. BrantTel is a North American leader in IP Telephony deployments. What this means; no jitter, no packet loss, and pure Quality of Service. Use the power of your network to carry your voice communications, with no impact on voice quality. Why IP Telephony? Simple, the applications! If you converge your voice and data networks you have one piece to manage not two. BrantTel provides full turnkey IP Telephony solutions for businesses like yours. Get out of the dreary world of "analog" and into the modern world of IPT. Take advantage of cost savings, quality control and superior management and administration.If you want to use Unified Communications to provide superior business workflow, it starts with the adoption of IP Telephony. Better call us to provide this solution, we've been delivering it since 2002.

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