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By: Automotive Loyalty Marketing  09-12-2011
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Years in the business buys you little if you don’t parlay those experiences into massive value to your clients. If you are looking to ramp up your Retention and/or Loyalty Marketing, you are in the right place.

The Future of Marketing is NOW.

Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable standard of customer service. Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable measurement of customer service success. The standard and measure of success for the next millennium is loyal customers. – Jeffrey Gitomer

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LOYALTY LOGISTIX - The Premium Automotive Smart Cards

provides a customer loyalty solution for the automotive industry that utilizes an electronic smart chip card. It is backed by comprehensive marketing support by our team. is a division of Autothority Inc., which specializes in helping dealers retain their existing customer base through , process, and loyalty programs.

Our motto is: Your best customer is the one you already have.

AUTO SALES EVENTS - Private Sales with HUGE Return on Investment.

AUTOTHORITY CONSULTING - Specializing in Lease Retention and Loyalty

You could be selling 100 or more extra vehicles per year using our techniques. We can help with both your in house wholesale leases, as well as your manufacturer retail leases.

THE UPGRADE SALE - A Digital Twist on Our Famous Private Sale

IN DEALERSHIP SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS - Only the BEST Technology, to Help Exceed Targets.

The “loyalty effect,” as described by loyalty guru Frederick Reichheld: “Loyalty is a powerful profit generator because loyal customers tend to spend more, refer others and cost less to serve. Reichheld, author of The Loyalty Effect and Loyalty Rules, found that loyalty leaders grow,on average, more than twice as fast as the industry average across a wide variety of industries. His book concludes that customer loyalty is one of the most important drivers in profitability and growth.”

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Automotive Marketing | Automotive Loyalty Marketing

The average company has a 60% – 70% probability of a successful sale to active customers; a 20% – 40% probability of a sale to lost customers; but only a 5-20% probability of a sale to prospects. Keeping in mind that the Retention method has a much higher conversion rate, this marketing approach is a great alternative to traditional print, radio or direct mail campaigns.


Auto Sales Events | Private Sales

Investing in an Auto Sales Event is an opportunity to increase your sales volume dramatically – often the equivalent of a week’s worth of sales in one day – while providing an intimate and exclusive event for your loyal customers, as well as those you haven’t seen in awhile. Dealerships rarely see the value in targeting their existing customer base as an ongoing source of repeat business.


Automotive Loyalty Card Programs | Automotive Smart Cards

The information collected upon registration and subsequent activity at your dealership helps you to better plan your marketing initiatives, and improve your ability to target key customers, send service reminders, or measure the success of your automotive marketing campaigns.


Auto Lease Retention Consulting and Lease Renewal Training

It is important to ensure that you have processes in place to turn the highest possible percentage of returning lease customers back into a new vehicle. We can help with both your in house wholesale leases, as well as your manufacturer retail leases. A thousand walk around techniques and even more ways to lay out a radio or newspaper ad. We have a proven system of helping your retention rates sky-rocket.