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By: Aesthetic-press  09-12-2011
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    The Aesthetic-PressTM chroma ingots are designed for anterior restorations and are available in the 4 main color categories +1 Bleach Shade.

For the press & layering technique. The following colors are available for the press & layering technique:

  • Aesthetic-PressTM A
  • Aesthetic-PressTM B
  • Aesthetic-PressTM C
  • Aesthetic-PressTM D
  • Aesthetic-PressTM High-Chroma Bleach

After transferring the wax up to a full contour body press, a precise cut back defines the dentin core. There are 6 enamel and transpa powders available to complete the restoration to its desired form and shape.

The economic assortment ensures an easy handling of the materials and offers an efficient solution for the technician.

The Aesthetic-PressTM Ingots can be used to press onto metal, inlay/onlays and veneers.

Keywords: Veneers

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The different color and opacities offer a range of ingots for the press & stain technique as well as the press & layering technique. The Ingot Master Kit consists of 8 different ingot colors. Ingots are available in different sizes, like 1g, 2g, 2.5g.


Powder Master Kit for Zirconia

A variety of 6 different enamel and transpa powders can be used to complete the dentin core after utilizing the "cut-back" technique. All the various color effects can be achieved with these transparent and opalescent materials. All transpa and opalescent effects can be achieved with this zircon powder selection. The Powder kit consists of 6 different Enamel and Transpa materials.


Classic and Bleach Ingots |

The opaquer universal is covering the lighter shades ranging from A1-A2 or, B1-B2, C1-C2, D2, whereas the opaquer dark is good for all shades like A3 and higher. The unique design of the Aesthetic-Press™ Classic ingot has the right amount of opacity so that the final crown does not appear too grey. The ingot has enough translucencies to mimic all the incisal characteristics desired.