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By: Accu Translations  09-12-2011
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Thirty years spent working for industry and service companies make ACCU one of oldest and one of best translation services in North America. Each task, from the simplest to the most complex performed with the utmost quality control and sensitivity to your needs. Your documents receive quality and speed of execution. ACCU can assist your organization in leveraging your infrastructure, reducing costs and adding value for your customers through ACCU rate and high quality Translation. ACCU is a company driven to provide its customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future translation needs.

Localization with Precision

At ACCU, we understand the vital importance of localization in specific projects, especially cross-cultural marketing material. Exhaustive research and pin-point accuracy is essential to ensure the key message and brand personality is caught. In the world of business, language must be consistent in every locale, in every document. But in our global marketplace, terminology doesn’t just vary between nations – it often differs from community to community! ACCU knows that your business relies on accurate translation and specific knowledge. That’s why we speak to your audience in the language they understand, with the colloquialisms they use.

Over 50 Languages

Although we have focused on these 50 languages during our 35 years of experience, we can help you with any specific language you may require.

Canadian French  -  European French  -  Spanish  -  BR Portuguese  -  EU Portuguese  -  German  -  Italian  -  Polish  -  Dutch  -  Finnish  -  Norwegian  -  Flemish  -  Danish  -  Urdu  -  Greek  -  Korean  -  Japanese  -  Simplified Chinese  -  Traditional Chinese  -  Thai  -  Vietnamese  -  Bengali  -  Hungarian  -  Inuktitut  -  Icelandic  -  Latvian  -  Lithuanian  -  Malay  -  Maltese  -  Marathi  -  Punjabi  -  Romanian  -  Serbo  -  Croatian  -  Tagalog  -  Tamil  -  Turkish  -  Arabic  -  Russian  -  Estonian  -  Hebrew  -  Hindi  -  Czech

Keywords: translation, Translation Services

Other products and services from Accu Translations


Linguistic Asset Management | Language Translation

Alignment determines which parts of the source and target language files belong together, and puts them side-by-side thereby forming high quality translation segments. We can translate your documents into any language and then place it within the original file so you receive a ready-to-print document. If you want the QUALITY of your translation to be consistent and therefore superior, you need to proceed with Glossarization.


Machine Translation | Content Management Systems Translation

ACCU’s Mega-Content Translation provides the ideal solution for legal firms, publishers, media producers, government agencies and global companies with extremely large repositories of content – specifically with a minimum of 500,000 words or 2,000 pages. Specifically, the professional post-editors review, edit, correct and refine your translation template to achieve a minimum 95% quality rating.


Translation Accuracy Check | Linguistic Quality Assurance Process

In addition to our Linguistic Quality Assurance Process, ACCU Translations offers a Translation Accuracy Check program that ensures uniformity, translation accuracy and the proper use of terminology. We can act as the primary certificate issuer or as an independent TAC specialist.


Website Globalization Translation | Translation Software Localization Services

Through its advanced project management process, we aim at implementing best practices for your site to be current in any language. We can help by integrating your Content Management System to our Translation Management System. ACCU Translation has been awarded the innovative technology award for this very solution. This can drastically reduces your internal costs and time to do this task.


Project Management Translation | Multilingual Translation

ACCU Translation provides Advanced Project Management and an intimate understanding of the importance and interdependencies of the customer and Language Service Provider process. When ACCU is engaged in the process in the Preparation or Planning stage of a client's project, we can ensure accurate file usage, high quality DTP tools, and accurate versioning.