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Creating a personalized DVD SLIDESHOW

Will touch the hearts of a loved one forever…

A keepsake they will treasure!

Steps for Creating a Personalized DVD Slideshow

1. View packages & pricing

2. Select a theme for your slideshow

3. Your title page

4. Song selections

5. Contact me with final decisions & ask any questions if needed

I require at least 2 weeks with your photos.

If you need a “rush order” the turnaround time is approximately 4 business days.

The charge for this order is 20% of your package price.

Photo Instructions

If you are scanning your own photos

1. Thoroughly clean scanner with a dry cloth every 5 scans so dust particles & fingerprint smudges will not be scanned along with your photo

2. Scanning resolution should be as high as possible (300 dpi or higher)

3. Save each picture with a 3 digit number (001,002) for the order in which you would like them to appear


If you have photos to be scanned

1.      Number each photo in the order you would like them to appear (sticky note or pencil on back) PLEASE DO NOT PUT STICKY NOTE ON FRONT OF PHOTO

2. Place photos into Ziploc bag labelled by section or song


Adding Captions

Send a word document or email with the photo # and next to it the caption you would like to appear (006- our family grows)

Music Selections

The music you select will set the mood for your slideshow.

Try using both sentimental & upbeat music so your slideshow will inspire laughs & tears.

You can provide me with personal CD’s you have or I will locate the music for you for a small additional fee.

Finishing Touches

You will be sent a link to view your slideshow before the music is added.

Please view it carefully, as this is your time for changes if needed.

(Please keep changes to a minimum)

Note: once music is added to your slideshow changes that affect timing are especially time consuming, because of this reason any adjustments made after the music is in place will also come with additional charges.

If you are purchasing your slideshow for a surprise I do not want to spoil it. If you reside with the recipient of the slideshow please let me know.

Dig up your treasures and have your memories come alive today!

* Also available to transfer your (8 mm cassette) home movies to DVD – includes title page 



“Mini show” approximately 5 minutes

Up to 30 photos

Up to 5 captions

1-2 songs

1 DVD copy

$40.00 (jpeg images on disc)

Add $15 if photos need scanning


10 minutes

Up to 75 photos

Up to7 captions

Up to 3 songs

1 DVD copy

$85.00 (jpeg images on disc)

Add $40.00 if photos need scanning


15 minutes

Up to 100 photos

Up to 10 captions

Up to 4 songs

1 DVD copy

$120.00 (jpeg images on disc)

Add $50.00 if photos need scanning


20 – 25 minutes

Unlimited photos (within reason)

Up to 20 captions

Up to 6 songs

3 DVD copies

* Free “digital creation “you can add to the show &

Receive a printed 5x7

$150.00 (images on disc)

Add $70.00 if photos need scanning

Diapers to Diamond Show

This is a specialized slideshow to show off at the wedding reception of the newly wedded couple from birth to engagement.

A great way to introduce your new spouse to your family

(A fantastic present for the bride & groom)

10 -15 minutes

Up to 60 photos

Up to 10 captions

Up to 3 songs

3 DVD copies

(Bride & groom/ parents)

Certificate for 10% off of a wedding slideshow

$80.00 (jpeg images on disc)

Add $50.00 if photos need scanning

All packages include the following:

Slideshow photo transitions

Photo colour correction

Personalized title page & conclusion (or dedication)

Choice of picture & title printed onto DVD or a paper cover


Additional titles $ .50

Additional songs $ 2.00

Additional DVD $10.00

Scanned high resolution images on disc $15.00

(For safe keeping & print outs)

* When you purchase a gift certificate or refer a friend you receive $10 off your slideshow!

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