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By: Execulink Telecom  09-12-2011

 BEC DSL Broadband (High-speed) Service


All packages feature up to 6 Mbps bandwidth (up to about 90 times faster than dialup). They differ in the amount of included per month. Data transfer usage in excess of the amount included in the package is billed at the rate indicated. (Transfer includes up plus down, per GB or fraction therof.)
Price schedule (prices include applicable tax)

Extra transfer
2 GB$35.00 /month
$205.00 /6 months
$405.00 /year
$290.00 /6 months
$570.00 /year
$2.00 / GB
25 GB$39.00 /month
$229.00 /6 months
$449.00 /year
$54.00 /month
$320.00 / 6 months
$630.00 /year
$1.00 / GB
60 GB$43.00 /month
$255.00 / 6 months
$499.00 /year
$59.00 /month
$350.00 / 6 months
$690.00 / year
$1.00 / GB
100 GB$49.00 /month *
$65.00 /month *
$1.00 / GB *

* subject to change depending on CRTC rulings later in 2011
All packages include:
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Spam control
  • 100 MB of server disk space
  • Free Web space for a personal home page
  • Personal Helpdesk assistance

There is a one-time startup fee of $15.00 for new accounts. The startup fee is waived for those who already have BEC Internet Service.

(Access prices do not include a DSL modem. are available from BEC.) You may request to change an existing package by contacting .
Requests must be received before the end of a month. New packages take effect the first of a month.
There is no upgrade fee. For more information or to sign up:
  • Visit or mail the BEC office at 3340 Schmon Parkway, Unit 2, Thorold, Ontario L2V 4Y6

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BEC High-speed Service - dsl

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