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DSL Broadband (High-speed) Service Features:

    1. Data transfer rates are up to 6 Mbit/second, compared to up to 56KBps for dialup modems (up to 90 times faster than dialup). Actual rates depend on several factors and cannot be predicted before DSL service is set up. Line quality and distance from the telephone company's central office are important.
      The BEC cannot guarantee the transfer rate that any person will be able to achieve.

    2. To find out whether DSL is available for your number, enter it here, without dashes or spaces, e.g. 9051234567, and click the "Submit Query" button. (Note that DSL service is not available if the length of the phone line from your residence to the nearest appropriate Bell facility is more than about 4.5 km.)
      If service is not available, please check back periodically or ask to be placed on a list that we check regularly. N.B. This lookup result may not be valid if your local phone service is not with Bell or if you have an unlisted number. In those cases, please email with your telephone number and full street address.
      A positive result on this lookup does not guarantee availability. On occasion it turns out that DSL service cannot be provided in spite of that result.
      DSL availability can be fully assured only after the Bell connections are completed. Also see *** notes in item 5 below. If you do not have active landline phone service, it may still be possible to get DSL service, as long as a Bell line enters your premises. This service is called "dry DSL".
      In this situation, DSL availability is qualified by street address; please get in touch with Helpdesk to determine availability.
      Note that price for dry DSL is higher (usually by $10.50/month) than if you have an active landline. Helpdesk will provide quotes based on street address.
      • an active telephone line
      • a DSL modem
      • a line filter for each telephone extension that you want to use when online

      DSL modems, modems with integrated wireless capability, and line filters may be purchased from the BEC - click for details.
      DSL Internet service has no effect on your telephone service or billing.
      It doesn't matter who provides your local or long-distance telephone service.
      You may use the telephone and be online at the same time.
      If you have satellite TV with a telephone line that connects to your receiver for updates, this line will need a filter just as other telephone extensions do.*** If you have a security system that uses your telephone line, check with your system provider before ordering DSL service in order to ensure compatibility.
      ***If you live in a unit or apartment where your phone line is used for access control, check with your building superintendent to ensure compatibility.
    3. DSL fees have two components - access and data transfer (usage).
      • Access means connectivity - your ability to go online
      • Transfer (usage, or traffic) refers to data that is:
          Transfer is measured in gigabytes (GB).
          BEC offers packages that include different amounts of data transfer (see the ).

      • Most people who use email and instant messaging, view Web pages, and do routine software updates would typically use less than 1 GB of data transfer per month. Downloading movies or major software packages or watching many videos dramatically increases data transfer.
        • A gigabyte (GB) is a measure of quantity of data.
        • One GB is 1024 megabytes (MB); one MB is 1024 kilobytes (KB).
        • The Home Page of BEC Internet Services is about 25 KB. One GB would allow for the download of about forty thousand similar-sized, different Web pages. If you can surf for a couple hundred hours, you may download about a GB.
        • Chat, such as MSN, uses very little bandwidth.
        • Streaming audio uses about 15 - 20 MB per hour, depending on bitrate. 1 GB would provide at least 50 hours of listening.
        • Streaming video can use up to 150 MB per hour.
        • A high-def feature movie can easily exceed one GB
        DSL customers can at any time. Statistics are updated regularly. Beware! If your computer is infected by parasites or certain types of viruses, they may use your connection to send out huge volumes of data without your knowledge, and YOU pay.
        If you have peer-to-peer software installed for filesharing, or skype or bittorrent software, your computer might do great deal of hidden data transfer.
        Be careful when allowing any software to be installed. (For example, see about CNN's deflection of costs to Internet users.) Practice .
        MAKE SURE your computer is running updated and , and that the operating system is regularly updated! Important - if you run a wireless home network, make sure your security is set as high as possible! If your network is unprotected, others can use it without your knowledge to transfer large volumes of data at your expense.
        See . (There is a one-time startup fee of $15.00 for new accounts. The startup fee is waived for those who already have BEC Internet Service.)Packages include:
        • Unlimited Internet access
        • Spam control
        • 75 MB of server disk space
        • Free Web space for a personal home page
        • Personal helpdesk assistance

        (Additional email addresses are available for $15.00 per address per year.)
        • Fees are based on calendar months.
        • The fee for the first service period is prorated to the end of that month.
        • At startup, prepayment is required for at least the first period and the subsequent month.

        • Renewal notices are not sent for monthly renewal payments.
        • It is up to you to ensure either that:
          • a valid credit card number is on file for automatic renewal, or
          • alternate forms of payment are made on time.
        • Renewals are normally automatically processed after the 15th of the month.
        • In the absence of valid credit card information, payment must be received at BEC offices at least ten days before the expiry date. (Postdated cheques are acceptable.)
        Failure to renew:
        • Service expires at the end of the last month for which payment has been received.
        • Expiry of DSL service may require resubmitting a request for service, which may mean a minimum five-day waiting period.
        • To ensure uninterrupted DSL service, if you are not on automatic renewal by credit card please be sure to renew on time!
        Payment for additional transfer
        • Data transfer usage in excess of the limits of your package is billed at stated rates, and is calculated after month-end.
        • In the event of extra transfer billing:
          • payment will be processed automatically using your credit card, or

      • The value of your remaining dialup service period (prorated) will be credited in full.
        • Visit or mail the BEC office at 3340 Schmon Parkway, Unit 2, Thorold, Ontario L2V 4Y6
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