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By: Arrowhead TCS  09-12-2011

Arrowhead TCS offers a variety of services to our clients, both from an implementation as well as a consulting and maintenance / support perspective.

ECM Consulting

An ECM solution should be tailor-made for your workplace. We are able to provide you with Consulting Services for the complete lifecycle of your ECM implementation or upgrade project.

Arrowhead TCS is able to offer experienced, highly trained, and knowledgeable ECM and IT consultants. We specialize in Open Text’s eDOCS Suite, as well as Microsoft Sharepoint and their respective, peripheral applications.

Our consultants will be able to help you execute your ECM strategy from needs assessment, requirements analysis, RFP creation, functional definitions, implementation, training, and post-installation support.

Your ECM implementation is a very important tool in the life of your Enterprise, you should see how Arrowhead TCS can help you get the best out of what the technologies can offer. Our goal will be to help you achieve your ECM goals as quickly as we can, without compromising on the quality of the solution.

ECM Support

It’s not always economical to staff resources for specialized technology needs.   By outsourcing these specialized tasks to a qualified and experienced company, businesses can do what they do best and not worry about the technology required to support their work.

Arrowhead offers comprehensive ongoing service contracts that allow our customers to keep technology issues at bay.

Services include:

  • Priority response
  • Trouble ticket submission and resolution
  • Vendor Management
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance
  • ECM Performance Audits and Tuning
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Infrastructure changes and new deployments
  • Remote support
  • Hosted applications and solutions

ECM Interoperability

These days, more and more companies are finding that they have content in several incompatible systems and that users are finding it cumbersome and costly to work between the different applications, with multiple screens using varying credentials and interface dynamics.

Bridging your current Enterprise applications is a natural logical solution to the problem, but how do you make systems that were not designed to work together actually come together and interoperate? Unfortunately, interoperability is not always a feature that makes it high on every software manufacturer’s agenda and it can sometimes be neglected altogether for other benefits like costly customizations by their professional services teams.

It is this task of connecting the disparate systems that required knowledge, experience and expertise in the underlying technologies and platforms that drive these systems. Strong development knowledge using databases, scripting languages and documented API’s are all required to build content bridges, and this knowledge is often not found in all but the largest companies with the most extensive IT departments.

Arrowhead’s developers have been providing interoperability solutions for some time and have the experience and technical savvy for making applications work harmoniously together.

Our professionals are able to provide custom software development and application integration services in the following areas:

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Services
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • Database Solutions
  • API Integrations