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Keywords: Renewable Energy


Sean Flanagan is a photovoltaic technician (certified through Canadian Solar Industries Association and Seneca College).
He will be able to assist you in designing and installing your renewable energy system.

    Assessment and Design
  • The first stage of implementing a renewable energy system is assessment and design.
  • We will assess your particular needs and the suitability of various types of renewable energy in light of
    • energy usage pattern
    • geographical location (for instance, hours of sunshine can vary depending on location)
    • cost-benefit analysis
    • environmental benefits

  • Assuming that a renewable system is appropriate, we can then size the system based on your total energy needs.
  • Flanagan and Sun will professionally install your new energy system or upgrade your existing system. This can include solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, and micro-hydro.
  • As with any system, there is a certain amount of maintenance that is required. In the same way that a forced air furnace needs regular filter changes and occasional servicing, solar and wind systems also require some maintenance. This maintenance can be performed by you or by Flanagan and Sun.
  • If you are a do-it-yourselfer, but you need some help along the way, Flanagan and Sun can be consulted for assistance. If you have purchased a system through us, we will provide support for you should questions arise about your system.

Keywords: Renewable Energy

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