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By: Dutchman Tree Spade  09-12-2011

Along the desire to produce a superior tree spade, Dutchman's focus led to the production of a better stabilizer package for the consumer. Dutchman's features a variety stabilizer kits for various skid steer loaders. The slim, compact design makes the Dutchman's stabilizer kit the preferred choice when digging in tight rows.

Dutchman's stabilizer kits allow for easy installation and, for some models, a disconnect system that prevents welding. The counterweight pins are strong enough to load up to 2000lbs. of counterweight without ever having to weld extra brackets.

When John Deere launched there new line of skid steers, Dutchman's was forced to design a revolutionary design to cater toward the machine. The goal again, was to prevent the stabilizer from sitting beyond the rear tires and therefore, prevent possible tree damage while turning in the rows. Dutchman's stabilizer kit is a proven choice with a clean, low-profile design with a bolt on connection.

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Dutchman Tree Spades | Products

Whether it is production digging, large caliper tree transplanting, tying trees, or planting and staking your nursery stock, we know where you are coming from. It needs to be proven in real conditions and this is part of the Dutchman promise. Dutchman promise is to provide the very best in Nursery Equipment.


Dutchman Tree Spades | Staker Overview

It can also be used as a pruning platform and connects to the auxiliary hydraulics of most skid steers. Dutchman's Staker is designed to minimize the time and cost of staking large quantities of trees. Stakes can be securely anchored in a pilot hole up to two feet deep.


Dutchman Tree Spades | Tree Tyer Overview

Dutchman's on-going commitment to building quality nursery machinery continues with the introduction of our new "Tree Tyer". The inverted steel ring allows for a smoother rotation with less chance of the ring coming into contact with branches. The focus on building a quality tyer meant that a top ring was needed to funnel the branches accordingly. The end result is a stronger, smoother, more versatile tree tyer for your nursery application.


Dutchman Tree Spades | Planter Overview

Shade Tree Planters are equipped with a single seat and walking platform on either side. Shade Tree Planter side racks can carry a total of 1,200 WHIPS or 400 Bracketed trees. Capable of planting up to 8,000 trees daily (depending on conditions. Shade Tree Planter shoes range from: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 24. Double clevis pins for higher torque tractors. Seedling Planter shoes range from.