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By: Pricedex  09-12-2011
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Product Overview
When tasked with managing thousands, if not millions of discrete parts, in multiple product configurations, for multiple markets and channels, with different languages, currencies and pricing methodologies, manufacturers face system and process-breaking complexity. The result of not managing this complexity is time - and resource-draining manual processes with high error rates, duplicate efforts, inaccurate information, unnecessary cost and poor customer service. The ultimate cost is money and customer goodwill.The solution is a comprehensive product, part and pricing information management approach. Pricedex Software® provides exactly that solution.
The Pricedex Suite of Products Include:
- Easy-to-use, reliable central repository for product, part and pricing information
- Access all of the functionality of PDM Builder over the web
- Viewers that allow desktop and/or web-based access to a wide range of catalogs, documents and applications using information published from PDM Builder
- web-based catalog management application that enables self-serve or collaborative management of product information, images, costs and pricing
- Application modules that facilitate the sharing of information between everyone in the bid and supply contract management process and a second module for the sales quotation process, maintaining rules, negotiation authority levels, approval controls and workflow
- User operated reporting tool that queries PDM Builder and other data sources, for up-to-the-minute, informed decision support from anywhere there is intranet access
- Pricedex® AutoPIM Pro™ is an enterprise-class PIM application bringing together an end-to-end solution for all aspects of Part, Product, Pricing and Catalog Management, and Data Synchronization to a broad number of catalog standards, including the AAIA ACES and PIES standards.
- Pricedex® AutoPIM™ is an innovative toolset designed to make it easy and quick to create aftermarket part information, and to communicate it to trading partners in the AAIA Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES).
The Pricedex suite of products provides an end-to-end Product Information Management platform with market-leading functionality. The suite consolidates part and product data from disparate sources including ERP systems, pricing methodologies from spreadsheets, and other paper-based and electronic information from marketing and sales processes. It enables production of rich content, cross-media catalogs and publications, visibility of crucial pricing and other product information to support management decisions across the enterprise, automation of collaborative processes to manage published price lists, and dynamic creation of transactional pricing for ERP and e-Commerce systems. The end result is a streamlined management system for the creation and dissemination of accurate product information from suppliers through to distributors, dealers, resellers and customers. Combined with feature-rich reporting and analysis capabilities, the Pricedex platform allows you to achieve new and improved levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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