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By: Pricedex  09-12-2011
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Empowerment with Control
Time consuming paper-based management of sales quotations, contract terms and revenue acquisition processes, are now a thing of the past. The pdxQuote application modules, For Bid Management and For Sales Management, facilitate the sharing of information between everyone in the quotation development process, maintaining rules, negotiation authority levels, approval controls and workflow essential for the approval process. - For Bid Management
Too often the complexity, time and cost associated with responding to a bid request result in either missing on an opportunity, misquoting and either losing a bid, or leaving money on the table. pdxQuote - For Bid Management revolutionizes this 'revenue acquisition process' by providing a controlled environment in which stakeholders in the process are empowered to collaborate. Now, engineering, production planning, logistics, marketing, finance, sales and others can have immediate visibility into the elements that comprise a bid, and manage the process with the certainty of control and accuracy that only the Pricedex solution offers. Utilize supplier catalogs, historical bid material and drawings to quickly and efficiently assemble accurate bid documents and meet bid deadlines. Assign workflow rules to ensure timely completion of tasks and proper process routing. PDM Builder's costing and pricing engine assures accuracy and control on profit margins, and its repository can provide visibility into historical supplier costs and previous bids to ensure competitive supply quotes.- For Sales Management
Empowerment with control has never been more true - pdxQuote - For Sales Management provides an entirely new environment for the build-up, negotiation, approval and conversion of pricing negotiations to sales orders. PDM Builder's rich catalog and powerful costing and pricing engine combine to provide the sales force with all the elements required to build a customer sales quote and calculate profitability and yield, while providing management with visibility and workflow to manage the competitive environment and pricing exceptions. Gain access to customer and product movement patterns, and run 'what-if' scenarios, before submitting a quote. Once approved, pdxQuote converts the quote into a contract and the pricing terms essential to the sales order and order entry system. Incorporate approval authority bands and commission calculators to further empower the sales force to maximize profit and volume objectives.  to receive more information, see a demonstration, or speak to a representative.

Keywords: Bid Documents, Bid Management, Management Empowerment, Management Of Sales, Pricing Negotiations, Sales Management,

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