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By: Layer 8 Solutions  09-12-2011
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Network Critical is the premier provider of

Access Technology Solutions

for today’s datacenter. Our

SmartNA Network TAP

s give you the ability to safely, securely and economically see what is happening on your network. We provide the only enterprise Ethernet


access solution for permanently integrating intrusion detection, analyzers, probes, sniffers, compliance, intrusion prevention, VoIP monitoring, data leakage prevention, content filtering and lawful interception tools into your network infrastructure.

Gigamon as the heart of a cost effective Data Access Network (


) solution, Gigamon streamlines the deployment and use of multiple network monitoring tools in data center networks.


is a family of packet aware, data access solutions providing aggregation, replication and filtering of critical network traffic. GigaVUE enables full network visibility to all categories of passive monitoring tools. GigaVUE features 10G support, Fault Tolerant Taps, the ability to share SPAN Ports,


Links, Map Packets & remotely Manage Network Connections. Create an intelligent Data Access Network (DAN) with GigaVUE and security IDS, sniffers, protocol analyzers, VoIP analyzers, data recorders, application monitors, compliance monitors or any other Ethernet based passive monitoring tool.


ExtraHop Networks, a technology startup gaining momentum in the

Application Delivery Assurance

market, delivers innovative solutions to ensure that business-critical transactions do not fail.  The ExtraHop solutions provide

Real-Time Analysis

of applications to improve

Customer Experience


Quality of Service Delivery

while reducing IT costs.  The ExtraHop Network Appliance is a passive device that combines the troubleshooting capabilities of Network Performance Managers with the superior Application-Level visibility of User Experience Monitors. Performing Real-Time analysis of 

Application Transactions

across the network, database, and storage tiers, the ExtraHop system accelerates troubleshooting efforts and proactively warns of potential problems.

Keywords: Tap