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By: Houldcroft  09-12-2011

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You are the best friend I have in El Salvador

I love Christmas so much that it make me feel like dancing 
Click Here and let the hardy guffaws begin

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Sno-Camp is a awesome weekend where you intentionally set apart time for God. Sure there is an amazing road trip through Algonquin… and sure Muskoka Wood has a great recreational facility…. and sure you get to hang out with 400 youth… but it pales in comparison to meeting with God. Are you ready for [..]

This year Niki  is involved with the Brockville Operatic Society and is performing Cinderella this February.  Niki will be playing the part of the Fairy Godmother. More details to come . To raise money the local BOC members got together at TISS High School and showcased their local talent.   Enjoy

The big XBOX THROW 2009 is over and the results are in:

Hannah Gregus 8.5m
Dillion Laidlaw 5m
Jenna Oreilly 8.5m
Jon Keane 11m
Also a special shout out to Jeremy @ Revolution Skateboard Shop  “Peace“

See the events photo galleries from TISS & BCI’s Photo’s.

We are excited about this years new outreach that raises awareness of the ministry  Operation Christmas Child.  We thought what better way to raise awareness by throwing X-BOX’s!
The way it works is this … each student puts a dollar in the money box and gets 2 throws.  The youth that throws the “X-BOX” (aka Christmas Box) the [..]

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We would like to know if you think we are going to have a Boy or Girl?



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This weekend I am helping out Scott Williams in Belleville at a leadership conference.  Scott is here presenting a seminar on missions.  His seminar is on PASSION, PASSPORT…now what ?
It is exciting to be in a room full of leaders and student leaders that want to live radically for the Lord.  The fellowship is always [..]

It is hard  to believe Niki and I have been married for 5 wonderful years. Wow… Where does the time go?  As a surprise for Niki I arranged  for us to see Ali Mathews in Concert in Toronto
A little background for the story…When Niki and I got married a friend gave us a [..]

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X-Factor 208The Christian club used to be called “Greg and Mike in the Morning” when Mike Croteau left Brockville it made it tough to call it “Greg in the Morning”. The group of ladies in the picture (Judy Cathcart, Ann Girdwood, Lula Sines & Ann Haws) organized a garage sale to raise money for Cross Town Impact. This Sunday at 1000 Islands Baptist Church we were presented with a coffee can filled with the sweet aroma of love.