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By: Happy Horse Products  09-12-2011
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The Happy Horse Traveller

The Traveller system is a compact steamer for treating hay either loose or in hay nets. This is the ideal system either as an add on to your existing steamer, allowing you to have a portable system that will run off a portable power generator when away competing or for those who do not have power available on the yard and need to steam at home. The hay is kept clean and tidy within the bag for transport.

This well proven Happy Horse system works by either pre filling a hay net or adding and inserting hay in to the heavy duty bag. The steam is introduced by a way of a steam spike/lance that is fixed in the bottom of the bag to steam from the center. The steam is then purged through the hay from the middle outwards, necessary for steaming hay in a confined space or where the circulation method cannot be used. Temperatures rise to in excess of 100 degrees centigrade required for the effective removal of 99.9% dust, moulds and spores.

Allow to steam for 35 to 45 minutes from when the steamer is boiling. NOTE: Times may vary depending on your hay type and quality and steamer wattage.

1.Quick lock cord draw string with attached steam prevention flap. Holds 8 to 10 kilos hay and made from very strong heavy duty, heat resistant, rip proof material. Width 600 Height 700.
2.Quick release steam line connector.
3.Built in steam distribution lance.
4.Powerful steam generator, with 3.5 meters of steam line.
5.Built in safety devises.
The unit will run off a 3kva portable power generator if required.

Keywords: Hay, Steam Distribution

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