Oil Rig Job- Service Description

By: Oil Rig Job  09-12-2011
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Here's what we do for you:

  • We set you up with your own personal oil careers advisor, who will work out what are the best options for you to get employed within the oil industry. This may include help with details on training, finding the types of jobs suited to you, helping locate companies that may be able to meet your specific preferences (e.g. with regards to location, accommodation, pay, roles, training, etc).
  • All our clients have different backgrounds and requirements, and your advisor will bear all this in mind when determining your next best moves. It is important, in fact crucial, to bear in mind all the recommendations provided by your advisor as this will markedly improve your employment prospects and help you get work.
  • Our complete service is based on your specific requirements, and we will work with you to help you secure work within the oil industry.
  • The service will include the following, as well as answers to your specific questions on working, and getting work:
    - Finding the types of jobs suited to you
    - Covering of details on any additional training you may need
    - Helping you avoid making common mistakes along the way
    - Details on indicative salary figures so you get what you are worth
    - If they suit you, details on entry level positions and how to get one
    - An explanation of the day to day operations and processes of an oil rig, so you know your stuff. Knowledge is key to employment in the industry
    - Plus details on accommodation, working onshore and offshore, traineeships and apprenticeships, available positions, as well as all other additional support your advisor can provide to maximise your oil employment prospects

Keywords: Oil Industry