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By: Naturopathic Roots  09-12-2011
Keywords: Health, Herbal Medicine, Botanical Medicine

Clinical Nutrition The right food choices can be your best medicine, while junk food can be a huge detriment to your health. A thorough nutritional assessment is made on all patients and appropriate dietary and supplement changes are suggested.

Botanical Medicine Whole plants or their medicinal parts are used to treat many health conditions. In many cases, herbal medicine can provide safe, nontoxic therapy for common concerns.

Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to treat injuries and illnesses. The therapeutic use of various temperatures of water, steam and ice increases circulation, boosts the immune system, calms nerves, and reduces fever.

Physical Medicine (Massage, Spinal Manipulation and Bowen) Bowen is a gentle tendon/muscle release technique that encourages a healing response and is effective in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

Spinal Manipulation and Massage therapy are used to treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries following a thorough orthopedic assessment.

Homeopathic Medicine This is a unique system of medicine based on the Law of Similars (like cures like) that uses provings of various plant, animal and mineral sources to stimulate the body’s vital force to heal itself. It is a personalized prescription based on the physical, mental and emotional factors influencing your health.

Lifestyle Counseling

Suggestions are made concerning sleep, relationships, work and how to cope with stress, in order to restore balance and vitality to your life.

Keywords: Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Health, Herbal Medicine