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Silk Veils

by Karima Helou

Rectangular Silk Veils (end edges are finished):

Semi-Circle Silk Veils (all edges are finished):

NEW!! VOI (Veil Poi) by Karima:

rectangle semi-circle  $80 each (one price)

Free basic instruction with purchase.

Coming Soon .. matching hip scarves and

4 metre length veils!

Color Selection:

Please specify your color preferences (up to 3 colors).

Shipping and Payment Info:

Your total will depend upon the purchase amount (list price) for the veils, plus applicable taxes and calculated shipping. Items will be shipped once the payment has cleared.

Payment Methods:

Ancient Moves Dance Company

198 Paris Rd.

Brantford, Ontario CANADA

tel: (519) 732-9665

The magic of a silk veil

          is within your grasp:

Light enough to float like a dancing cloud, sturdy enough to swirl around you for a dramatic effect. These veils are soft and opaque and made from 6 to 8 mm real habotai silk.

Sizes are 3 meters X 45" and are also available in 3 meter length semi-circle shapes! Each are individually hand dyed from a wide selection of colors; Karima takes great care to make sure there are no two exactly alike.

How to care for your new silk veil:

Step 1: First and foremost, always hang your veil (when not in use) or store neatly in a zip-loc package so it does not suffer wear and tear in your dance bag; Although my veils are very durable, I find most dancer's bags would even give denim a hard time with all the CDs, pieces of jewelry, cymbals, etc., rumbling around.

Step 2: Next, you will find you do not need to wash your veil very often if you take good care of it. However, they do need it once in a while so it is good to hand wash in very cold temperatures with a little dabble of vinegar (to keep the color). I also like to add a drop of dove dish soap to make it smell pretty and remove any stains. Make sure you rinse out any remaining soap before drying.

Step 3: Depending upon your preference, you can dry your veil on a line with gentle clips (do not leave exposed in direct sun!) or on a low heat settting in your dryer for no more than 10 minutes. I like to get all the wrinkles out so I iron my veil on a medium setting while it is still damp. If your veil is dry, you can also use a spray bottle with water.

Step 4: Enjoy your veil for a long time!

At the International Belly Dance Conference,

Toronto (April 2007). Vendors Karima (left)

with veils and Tahira Badre with her DVDs.

At the International Belly Dance Conference,

Toronto (April 2007). Visitors/helpers  from L to R, Zanoubia, Maya, Samiha and lil' Morgan.

At the International Belly Dance Conference,

Toronto (April 2007). Ferda Bayati from Turkey enjoying one of Karima's veils. What an honor!

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