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By: Charing Cross Cat Clinic  09-12-2011
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During these visits, you will have the opportunity to discuss any health care concerns you may have about your cat.  The veterinarian will perform a full physical examination and discuss recommendations based on your concerns and the examination findings.

During a wellness examination, the veterinarian will perform a full physical examination and discuss recommendations based on your concerns and the examination findings.  During this visit, the vaccination needs of your cat will be addressed.  Based on your cat’s lifestyle and risk factors, the veterinarian will assist you in designing a vaccination schedule specifically tailored to your cat’s needs.

The Charing Cross Cat Clinic uses only adjuvant free vaccines.

From time to time our feline friends may experience behavioural issues that require veterinary assistance.  These include but are not limited to issues such as inappropriate elimination (urination or bowel movements or both), play aggression, inter cat aggression, territorial aggression & redirected aggression.  A behavioural consultation includes a full physical examination of your cat as well as a full consultation on the history of the problem.  We work with you to assist you in identifying the source(s) of the problem and developing behavioural modification strategies to reduce or eliminate the problem.  We provide you with the support you need to continue to implement these strategies.

Cats are a carnivorous species.  Their nutritional needs are extremely unique and may vary depending on their age and health status.  The Charing Cross Cat Clinic provides nutritional consultations to all of our patients during their wellness visits.  In addition, as part of our spay-neuter program, we offer a nutritional consultation to our clients when their cat reaches one year of age.  Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy, happy cat.

In order to provide prompt information about your cat’s well being, we are able to perform certain blood biochemistry and hematology tests in the clinic.  This includes pre-anesthetic blood testing, senior wellness blood testing, urine analysis, fecal analysis, blood pressure testing, viral testing and more.

When a dental procedure is recommended, your cat will have access to all the equipment and care necessary to perform a complete oral health assessment as well as treatment of diseased tissue and teeth.  All cats undergo full oral dental radiographs as a means of assessing tooth root structures, as well as crowns.  The clinic is equipped with a high speed dental drill, piezo dental scaler and polishing unit.  Most treatment procedures can be performed in clinic, however, certain conditions may require referral to a veterinary dentist.

In order to provide prompt information about your cat’s illness or lameness, or as a screening tool for senior cats, radiography is available in clinic.  Radiographs are interpreted on site and the results are available the same day.

Charing Cross Cat Clinic is fully equipped to provide your cat with the necessary elective (spay, neuter, declaw) and non-elective surgery procedures.  Specialty procedures such as orthopedic surgery are also offered in clinic.

Specialty diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and endoscopy are offered in clinic by traveling veterinary internal medicine specialists.

Cats who require wellness examinations are eligible for a house call visit from the veterinarian.   It is recommended that cats with health complaints visit the clinic for their examination in case they require diagnostic testing or hospitalization.  At home euthanasia is also available to our patients.

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