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By: Brantford North Dental  14-04-2011
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Dental Implants: Teeth that look, feel and function like your own.

The loss of permanent teeth can drastically affect your appearance, self-confidence and ability to enjoy certain foods. Fortunately, there is a solution in dental implants. There are many advantages to implants over bridges and dentures:

Implants look like real teeth
Only you and your dentist have to know that you have had an implant!
Implants feel like real teeth

No fussing with messy glues and adhesives; no bothersome dentures moving around in your mouth, pinching your tissues and gums. Implants feel like the real thing and enable you to speak and eat as you would normally, without cause for concern.

No other teeth have to be compromised
The support for an implant comes from the bone below, unlike a bridge which must rely on adjacent teeth. This is good news for the longevity of your remaining teeth and long-term dental health!

Implants are reliable
Most patients can expect decades of use out of their dental implants.

What is involved in getting a dental implant?
Preparation is extremely important. X-rays and 3-D imaging studies are used to determine which type of implant should be used and exactly how and where it should be placed. Various systems have different requirements. Some require one step and other systems involve a multi-stage approach.

Generally speaking, the implant, which somewhat resembles a tiny screw, is embedded within the bone of the jaw. Typically, for the next two to six months, the implant forms a solid anchor for the artificial tooth. During this time, a temporary tooth can be put in place.

Finally, the post and artificial tooth, or “crown” is made by your dentist and attached to the implant and the procedure is complete, leaving you with a beautiful smile, stronger teeth and restored confidence.

Keywords: dental implant

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