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By: Mydison  09-12-2011
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Distinguishing Patented Features:

This patented automaton is using computer as intelligent programmable brain and attached to server modules such as cell phone, external sensors for physical object detections, GPS for precise location info and video camera as video vision sensor.

The automaton can be in a sleeping mode and then activated with an specific assigned radio password. The automaton is equipped with a long distance radio remote activated hardware unit that enables listening to encrypted password signals broadcasting from radio station, cell phone station, and satellite radio station.

The automaton act as a sensor server for sequence passing signal to computer control center, and consequently can work as a group of guardians. Robots can be assigned all same duties and functions; moreover, individual robot may have a selective focus on specific protection function; being able to transmitting its detect threaten signal info to higher level robot with complex programming intelligent power as to determine the responsive action.

The automaton can be equipped GPS module that provides precise location of the robot as well as relative location of the surrounding objects.

The automaton can intelligently manipulate adapted cell-phone both to track moving objects with the cell-phone camera and to make calls.

The automaton has self-power charge from sources such as solar cell, fuel cell, electric power generator, power outlay from room, and car power adapter.

The automaton can selectively apply a digital dialer as to control cell phone when making phone call and sending text message report, as well as cell phone operative as a modem to transfer video, picture, sensor signal info to another computer to be recorded.

In case of traffic accident, the robot is capable of providing real time video information of the actual scene of the  accident including the exact location of the accident as well as physical sensor signals of the nature and degree of injury if any to the emergency and/or medical services; also 911 may dispatch the required medical team with a clear knowledge providing any necessary help or equipment for resolving the accident and/or saving lives, as being predetermined and fully prepared for these services.

Robot Transformer I:

This patented robot invention ideas can built as an intelligent video vison robot holder that is able to control relay switches through the accomplishment of mechanical pushing/touching of the keypad on the cell phone that holds it, as would a human operator do.

The robot is able to control and operate cell phone's operations through earphone adapter (Signal In/Out, Power).

The robot can intelligently manipulate a cell-phone to both track moving objects with the cell phone camera and to make calls.

The robot can make video report and text message code report: for example, Code 1 for possible theft, Code 2 for possible accident, and Code 3 for possible fire alarm.

Robot Transformer II,

This patented robot invention ideas can built as common single cell phone robot with sensors and motor control is able to rotate its video camera to following targets and taking clear view pictures on targets even when object is running.

The robot built as single cell phone including a main control center with a memory serving as knowledge brain database for stored programming as to provide knowledge that allows robot’s brain to read sensor signal information and recognize indications that a person is experiencing an allergic reaction/behavior.

The self-stand cell phone as a surveillance robot is able to watching threaten signals and automatic sent pictures, video, alert text message, and to turn itself ON/OFF in sleeping mode while maintaining the necessary guarding functions. The cell phone’s power can be recharged from different sources.

The robot is built as a cell phone able to adapted Plug-n-Play external video cameras, sensors and operating as modem to transfer video, picture, sensor signal information to another computer/robot being able to process detected threaten signal information and to be recorded.

The robot is built as a single cell phone with multiple channels including GSM, TDMA, and CDMA; thus, having multiple cell phone protocols the result is that the cell phone robot becomes true global cell phones that can be used in every country!

And More!

Want to built this intelligent robot?

There are practical methods/examples to built this patented Intelligent-tracking-video-vision robot.

Method 1. Microsoft Robotic Software Solution.
1 Laptop computer, 1 Web camera, 1 Servo motor controller - Example, Lynex Motion SSC 32, Servo motors, and external sensors if you like to add extra detection features on your robot project.Softwares:
Microsoft robotic software
Vision software: RoboRealm 

Method 2. Java (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) Solution.
1 Laptop, 1 motor controller, 1 Video camera, motors
Java Development software

Method 3. The creation of this patented robot ideas can be likely achieved by many other solutions as well, such as Embedded video computer vision system from Texas Instruments (TI), or Palm Pilot robot solution, or using Linux embedded system solution, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google's Android ..etc. 

This patented robot invention ideas can allow your company to becoming the leader of future surveillance industry. So why not acquire/license today?

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Keywords: cell phone, robot, Video, video camera