RMC70 Series Motion Controllers

By: Delta Motion Components  09-12-2011

1 or 2-Axis Motion Controller

The RMC70 product complements Delta’s flagship RMC100 family and expands Delta markets by offering even more value for one and two axis applications. The following is a list of the currently available features. More options will be available in future releases.

RMC70 Hardware

The RMC70 is a modular controller. The Base module — consisting of the CPU and the Axis module — is factory-configured. Each factory-installed Axis module is available with one or two control axis interfaces. Up to 4 expansion modules may be added to the RMC70, including digital I/O, analog reference and pressure or force inputs.

Communication Type Monitor Port
Ethernet (Slave)
Modbus/TCP, CSP, EtherNet/IP Explicit Messaging and I/O
PROFIBUS-DP (Slave) RS-232
Serial RS-232, RS-485 (Slave)
Allen-Bradley DF1, Modbus/RTU
# Axes Feedback Interface* Control Output*
1 Analog (16 bits), ±10V or 4-20mA Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**
2 Analog (16 bits), ±10V or 4-20mA Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**
1 MDT (Start/Stop or PWM), SSI Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**
2 MDT (Start/Stop or PWM), SSI Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**
1 Quadrature (5 V differential) Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**
2 Quadrature (5 V differential) Analog: ±10V, 16-bit**

*one per axis

Discrete I/O
Eight discrete I/O individually configurable for any combination of inputs or outputs. Inputs and outputs are 12-24 VDC rated, polarity independent, and optically isolated from controller.
Analog Inputs with Pressure Limit
Two differential ±10 V or 4-20 mA analog inputs for use in position–pressure or position–force control axes. Inputs are 16 bit resolution, and are optically isolated from the controller.
Analog Inputs
Two differential ±10 V or 4-20 mA analog reference inputs. Inputs are 16 bit resolution, and are optically isolated from the controller.
Quadrature input
Adds one 5 V differential quadrature input for position reference feedback, and a high-speed input for homing or registration. Maximum two Q1s per RMC70.

RMC70 Control Features

The RMC70 provides an extensive set of motion commands and programming capability for quick and easy yet flexible motion control for virtually every motion application.

  • User Programs
    Supports execution of multiple programs simultaneously to handle axis commands and additional machine control functions. Programs consist of easy-to-understand sequences of commands.
  • PreScan Table
    Cyclic task for immediate response to internal conditions or external events, such as discrete inputs, etc.
  • Variables
    Recipes and other user parameters can be stored for use by user programs.
  • Mathematical Expressions
    Expressions provide flexible programming capability for advanced calculations and machine control sequences.

RMC70 Control Modes

The RMC70 supports numerous control modes.

Closed Loop Control

  • PID with Feed Forwards
    Full PID loop control with velocity, acceleration and jerk feed forwards
  • Position Control
    • Point-to-point-moves
    • S-curves
    • Speed At Position
    • Gearing
    • Move Velocity
  • Pressure Control
  • Force Control
    • Load cell or differential force
  • Position-Pressure and Position-Force
    • Transition seamlessly between position control and pressure or force control

Open Loop Control

  • Seamless transition from open loop to closed loop and vice versa
  • Open Loop Control
    Ramp the Control Output smoothly between two values, or ramp the Control Output down as the position approaches the final position, for hard-to-control systems.
  • Quick Move
    Move in open loop and stop in closed loop for fast, smooth motion with accurate stops.

Configurable response to fault conditions

  • Closed Loop stops
    Ramp speed to zero at specified rate and hold position.
  • Open Loop stops
    Ramp output voltage to zero at specified rate.
  • Multi-axis (group) stops
    A fault on one axis halts multiple axes when configured as a group.
  • AutoStops
    The response of axes to each fault type is easily configurable.

Axis mechanical configurations supported:

  • Linear
    Used with any transducer type that measures linear distance, the transducer counts (value from the transducer) is not allowed to wrap back to 0.
  • Rotary
    Typically used with quadrature or SSI encoders, the axis can move continuously in one direction while repeating machine cycles. Currently, the RMC70 supports rotary axes using SSI encoders.

Feedback types supported:

  • Incremental
    Inherent to quadrature encoders, the transducer reports only changes in position. Since machine position is not known at power-up, a home routine must be executed to determine position. The RMC70 supports incremental mode for SSI transducers.
  • Absolute
    Transducer reports absolute position and no home routine is required.MDT, SSI, and Analog transdcuers are examples of absolute encoders.

Troubleshooting and Monitoring:

  • Plots
    Plot any register in the RMC70, up to 16 registers per plot, sampled down to the control loop resolution!
  • Event Log
    Speeds troubleshooting by recording events such as parameter changes, commands, errors, and communications!

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