By: Wg Corporate  09-12-2011

WG Pro-Manufacturing Inc. offers a wide array of “value added” services designed to compliment your product’s offering on the shelves within the North American retail landscape.

Our services are an extension of your manufacturing facility whereby we can offer the flexibility to alter the product’s “foot print,” something that is often not available within your own plants.

As you review the services offered, we extend beyond the areas listed and would be pleased to discuss your needs on an individual basis.

WG Pro Manufacturing Inc. can also provide the following:

  • Packaging design of cartons, display boxes, P.O.P displays and display trays for Pallet Programs
  • Any components such as acetates, shrink sleeves or any other components required to add value to your product
  • Any corrugated box requirements for Master Case shipping

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Other products and services from Wg Corporate


Re-Packaging and Labeling

We can Ink Jet or design and print labels to label, re-label or price any product to satisfy the needs of the Mass Merchandisers. We can break down bulk inventories and re-organize them into individual packaging, multi packs, bonus packs or assorted packs. This will make your inventory more versatile and enable you to commit to shorter lead times or meet future commitments.


Line Packaging and Assembly

The use of variable speed conveying equipment allows us to break down assembly jobs to their base form and structure using simple lines at high speeds. The availability of large volumes of trained people allows us to organize hand assembly jobs of any size. This ensures minimal training requirements with a cast of inspectors checking each other's work.


Promotional Pre-Packs

Pro-Manufacturing can assist with design, source display materials, assemble displays, inspect all components and finished goods, load the displays and ship to you or your customers directly. Point of purchase displays have quickly positioned themselves as one of the best marketing tools for placing your products directly in front of customers at strategic locations.


Shrink Wrapping and Sleeving

From the smallest to over-sized products, all wrapping lines are setup such that products are assembled in line, with a final QC inspector and line leader to ensure quality seals and proper component assembly. With our high speed fully automatic L Bar semi automatic L Bar sealers, and two in-line Sleeving tunnels, we specialize in quick turn around times for any quantity.


Peanut and Tree Nut Free Segregation

Our segregated units have a separate employee entrance, lunch room and locker area and employees are strictly prohibited from moving between our unrestricted area and nut free area without adhering to our change over policies which include detailed uniform and hand washing procedures.