By: Tiresmart  09-12-2011

As with all our work, Tiresmart Auto Services strives to offer the best possible solutions when tackling any general repair, be it repairing a leaking exhaust system, repairing a punctured tire or replacing a leaking cylinder head gasket. We tackle - and guarantee - pretty much any job, from replacing a light bulb to replacing a motor, clutch or transmission. About all we don't do, aside from machining drums and rotors and overhauling carburetors, are machine operations and rebuilding of components. Instead, we take great care in choosing our "partners" in automotive repair. We endeavour to ensure that the work they perform on our behalf will be up to the same standards as we ourselves would produce. We feel confident enough in the people we have chosen to perform tasks on our behalf, that we offer the same warranty as if we had done the work ourselves: 1 year, 20,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first.