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By: The Laser Cure  09-12-2011


Laser Cure has reduced the pain in my feet and back. Sometimes the pain was so unbearable I could hardly cope. After seeing you over the past few months and having your treatment, I feel like a new woman. I would encourage anyone with pain to come to you for laser therapy. It has made such a difference for me. Keep up the good work.

Yours Truly,

Bonnie Neely

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Ankle | The Laser Cure

My doctor made an appointment for me with an ankle and foot specialist here in Brampton, but when I found out it was going to be a two month wait, I was quite discouraged. I happened to be doing a favor for a friend back in September of this year, delivering a package to a business on the same floor as The Laser Cure.


Arthritis | The Laser Cure

I have had chronic pain in my feet for many years due to multiple health problems with my ankles and arthritis. I want to thank-you for your kind, caring, and sensitive care with the laser. With all the pain I was unable to put weight on my left foot. I was so thankful when my family heard about The Laser Cure”. My family or friends always had to be there to help me up.


Debilitating Pain | The Laser Cure

I was unloading material from the truck when my foot slipped from the grease and there was no step where I was coming down. Four years 1 month and 6 days the pain has finally gone away with low intensity laser therapy. I was told the pain and swelling would eventually go away within a year. My knee banged the back plate of the truck and cut my tendons off. By the 3-4 treatments I noticed a significant difference.


Degenerative Disc | The Laser Cure

I have less aches and stiffness in the morning since being treated with low intensity laser therapy.Elizabeth is a wonderful Laser Therapist. I am 83 years old and after only 5 treatments the pain has relieved so much that I am not using my walker as much. I suffer from degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and a severe compression fracture of my L2 vertebra. When I started taking the low intensity laser therapy I was in so much pain.


Elbow | The Laser Cure

I hope it will help them reduce their pain and increase there quality of life like it did for me. When I started the low intensity laser therapy I limped and was not able to walk up the stairs. I have pain in my right knee, right elbow, right hand and swelling in both left ankles. All of these cause me to suffer a lot of pain and limit my ability to get things done.


Smoking Cessation | The Laser Cure

With the laser treatment solving the withdrawal symptoms, and my refusal to light up again, I am heading toward a smoke free future, and proud of my new direction. After a thirty year addiction to nicotine, and the belief I could not quit, what I thought impossible became a reality. Thank you Laser Cure for all your help.