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By: Stadium Comics  09-12-2011

Hey all, we realize it’s been awhile since we posted anything on our site. We’ve been so busy with first our live Unboxing Event and JLA Launch party we held on August 31st, and then all of the other relaunch books that followed. It’s been a crazy few weeks at Stadium!

Even though we’ve been super busy, we’ve still managed to churn out weekly episodes of our Unboxing Wednesdays weekly web series on Youtube! The last one we posted on here was episode 40, and we’ve filmed a few since then. You can find all the links below, the live episode we did was especially fun!

– For books arriving 8/10/2011
– For books arriving 8/17/2011
– For books arriving 8/24/2011
– LIVE from the Justice League Launch Party!
– For books arriving 9/7/2011 – Relaunch books!
– For books arriving 9/14/2011 – *NEW*

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

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Artists scheduled to be in attendance: – Transformers for IDW Comics – Spent Pencils – Spent Pencils – Spent Pencils – The Bear Stories, Heavy Metal magazine – The Bear Stories – SLAM. Please note that all sales are cash only, as there is no credit and debit available at this location. Please note that Good Time Cafe does not accept credit or debit, but they do have an ATM on site.


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It’s unfortunate though that some retailers are taking this wonderful opportunity that’s been given to our industry, and using it to gouge their customers with ridiculously inflated prices. If you’re doing this because you’re worried about comic speculators buying up all of your books so that others can’t, then limit the amount people can purchase.