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By: Quick Connect Solutions  09-12-2011
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Selecting the right technology is a lot of work. But successfully implementing technology in a way that delivers the desired impact on your business performance is clearly the greatest challenge.

QCS understands this.

In fact, we've built our business model around simplifying the deployment process:

  • We host the solution so that you don't need to tie up your valuable IT resources.
  • We provide the applications development expertise so you can focus your resources on other strategic initiatives.
  • We integrate or cooperatively work with existing systems and applications to leverage your current investment.
  • And we provide the professional services staff to ensure that we collectively define, design and deliver the applications that help you achieve your strategic and operational business objectives.

Our project and support services are geared to working closely with our customers to provide an end-to-end engagement process, from defining business requirements, to developing, supporting and seamlessly delivering the applications.

QCS offers many standard Professional Services free of charge or at cost. Unlike many competitors, QCS doesn't charge a penny for set up. And there are no monthly minimums or seats, licenses, or registrations to buy.

  • You pay only for what you use, and only when you've had a successful connect.

Reporting and Analytics

Our standard reporting is hardly standard. It is the most comprehensive, quickly customizable, and accurate reporting interface in the industry. Immediate post-campaign analytics are also accessible from the account reports page. These analytics break down each campaign by day of the week and by hour to establish when the response rate is highest. Such information enables you to adjust staffing levels and schedules to maximize ROI and to modify message scripting to elicit the greatest possible response from right parties. It's standard only because it's free.


24/7 has almost become a trite phrase from overuse and hyperbole. But at QCS, it's the real thing. With a global representation, there is always a QCS employee awake or on duty, no matter the time. Turn-around time for projects, messages and other custom work is fast and reliable. Try us - become a client and give us a call at 3am. We'll even sound happy. And you will too - it's entirely free. Even after hours.

Dial Plan Consulting

Sometimes our technology is so advanced it's difficult to know how to squeeze every last drop out of it. The very people that helped develop Call Escalation and Conditional Dialing can walk you through it and set up the best practices on your account as a template so you don't have to worry about properly setting it up each time you start a broadcast. We'll make plenty of recommendations based upon our years of experience with this technology in your field. Won't cost you a penny.

On Site Visits

We've been in this business for nearly a decade. We've sent billions of calls and messages. All that experience has provided us a few valuable pointers. The better our technology works for you, the more you use it, and the more money we make - so we've a great incentive to consult with you and your staff on strategies and best practices. We'll even do it onsite so we can get a better feel for your operation, your customers and clients and your staff. Believe it or not, we won't charge you for this service either - and lunch is on us.

Professional Voice Talent

The message your customers hear is crucial to the success of your call campaign. It needs to fit the application and target audience, it needs to sound professional and upbeat and it can't cost you an arm and a leg. We've scouted out the best voice talent in the world in many different accents, languages and voices and we've ensured their voices match our text-to-speech computerized voices well. It's a winning combination, and we'll set up a few free messages just for becoming a client. Thereafter you get messages at cost - we'll throw in our labor to set them up on your account for free.

Think Global, Act Local

With QCS you can develop a truly global strategy. Each region of the world prefers to deal with those who know its unique market intimately. And laws govern the way you do business and often require you to alter your methods to comply. We'll help you do both - understand regional markets like a global player while being absolutely compliant with each region's unique laws, as if you were a local.

QCS offers all its products as Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS means you can access a product entirely from the web, and the product is maintained and supported free of charge. QCS's standard SaaS product is an entirely web-based method of contacting customers with automated messages, with which customers can interact in some way (Interactive Voice Communication (IVC)). Using QCS's IVC product requires no hardware, software, special phones, or calling staff. Instead, you access a unique account on the internet and instruct QCS to place these automated calls via computerized call engines. Your customers will then receive calls that are pre-recorded messages, which you design and control.

Some QCS clients make millions of calls a month to remind customers to pay their bills; other clients send only dozens of calls a month to remind their customers of appointments. The applications are endless, and the efficiency and simplicity of the SaaS web interface will help you begin contacting your customers after only minutes of set up.

If you have any staff that make repetitive outbound calls for any reason, QCS can help.

How Does It Work?

In the most basic of scenarios, QCS clients are assigned a unique user name and password for their QCS account, which they access via the world wide web. From this user account, the client can manage the simple 3-step process to start a calling campaign:

  1. Upload a customer list with varied data fields
  2. Record or choose a message
  3. Schedule calls to begin.

Clients can also monitor results and adjust the call campaign speed and other settings in real time.

Contact us for a demo or a free test.

Keywords: Applications Development, Professional Services